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Installing Genesys Rules System

Installing Genesys Rules System for Use with iWD

For production deployments, install the Genesys Rules System web applications (Genesys Rules Engine and the Genesys Rules Authoring Tool) on a dedicated application server instance, apart from the application server instance that is dedicated to the iWD web applications.

To install Genesys Rules System for use with iWD, complete steps 1 to 6 of the GRS Installation Task Summary. Step 7 of the Task Summary is not required. For iWD installations, you will create the business structure in the iWD GAX Plugin.

Configuring Rule Evaluation Order

In GRS 8.5.0, rules authors can change the sequence of rows in a decision table to permit more sophisticated outcomes. So, you can specify whether the the rows in a decision table are processed top-down or bottom-up by configuring a new option called evaluate-decision-table-rows-top-down. See GRS Configuration Options.

Creating the Connection to Interaction Server

Create a connection by using the Connections tab in the Interaction Server Application to the Genesys Rules Engine application. If GRE is configured as a cluster, add the GRE_Cluster application on the Connections tab instead of the Genesys Rules Engine application.

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