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Task Summary: Installing iWD 8.5

The following table outlines the task flow for installing iWD 8.5. The procedures referenced in this table provide instructions about installing iWD components on Windows hosts.  

Installing iWD 8.5


Related procedures and actions

Prepare for installation and review prerequisites.

Ensure that your environment meets the prerequisites. Ensure that the required CDs are available. See Preparing for Installation.

Install Interaction Server.

iWD 8.5 requires Interaction Server 8.1.1 or higher. Genesys recommends that you use the latest version of Interaction Server that is included with iWD. If your environment does not have an instance of Interaction Server installed already (such as for an eServices solution), you must install one. See Install Interaction Server.

Install Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) release or later.

If it not already installed, you must install GAX. iWD configuration is performed in GAX in release 8.5.0.

Install the iWD GAX Plugin.

In Genesys Administrator Extension, install the iWD GAX Plugin component, which is required to complete iWD configuration. See Install iWD GAX Plugin.

Install the Genesys Rules System. GRS 8.5.001 or higher is required. The full iWD/GRS compatibility matrix is here.

Complete steps 1 to 6 (only) in the Task Summary: Installing Genesys Rules System section of the Genesys Rules System 8.5 Deployment Guide.

Note: Step 7 in the Task Summary is about defining the business structure, which is done in the iWD GAX Plugin.

Install iWD Runtime Node.

Install Runtime Node and associate a Person account to the iWD Runtime Node application. Install Runtime Node.

Install iWD Manager.

See Install IWD Manager.

Create an iWD Tenant and iWD Solution in the iWD GAX Plugin.

See Creating the Tenant and Solution.

Configure the necessary Integrated Capture Points for use with iWD.

See eServices Integrated Capture Points Guide.

Install and run the iWD Setup Utility to configure various mandatory configuration objects.

In release 8.5.0, iWD Setup Utility ships in the IP for iWD Manager. See Install iWD Setup Utility.

Install iWD Stat Server Extensions.

See Installing the iWD Stat Extensions.

Configure logging for iWD Manager and iWD Runtime Node.

See Logging.

Update the Interaction Server databases and Event Log DAP.

Configure remaining iWD services and objects.

Optional: Configure the system to start/stop application server service through Genesys Solution Control Interface (SCI) or Genesys Administrator.

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