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Roles and Privileges in GAX

Role-Based Access Control replaces Security Policies in iWD 8.5. For details of how to use this feature please see:

Role privileges in iWD are arranged in the following groups:

  • iWD Solutions
  • iWD Departments
  • iWD Processes
  • iWD Media Icons
  • iWD Filters
  • iWD Global Task List
  • iWD Manager Other

Important Information About Filtering Permissions

The following additional information is also important to note when you are filtering permissions:

  • Public filters can be changed from Private by any user that has Modify filter permissions.
  • The owner of a Private filter can always modify or delete that filter, even if they do not have Delete and/or Modify security role permissions.
  • The username of the owner of a Private filter is displayed on the Filter configuration screen to make referencing easy..
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