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Preparing iWD For Use With Genesys Social Engagement

By default, the installation and configuration procedures described above will prepare iWD to support Genesys Social Engagement. That is, the required database fields will be present in the Interaction Server and Interaction Server Event Log databases, the required Interaction Custom Properties (Business Attributes) will be created in Configuration Server, and the required Interaction Server and Event Log Database Access Point application options will be configured.

Enabling this feature will have the following effect:

  • A Global Task List custom filter that uses specific social media-related columns will be visible in the Filters drop-down list.
  • Social media-related attributes will be available custom filters in the advanced Filters drop-down list of the Global Task List.
  • Social media-related attributes will be visible on the Attributes panel of the Global Task List.

Updating the Tenant to enable display of Social Media Attributes and Filters

  1. Log in to the Genesys Administrator Extension.
  2. Navigate to Configuration Manager > Environment > Tenant.
  3. Select the Tenant to work with.
  4. In the iWD Attributes tab,check the Social Messaging Enabled checkbox and save the change.
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