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iWD Data Mart Reference Guide

Welcome to the intelligent Workload Distribution 8.5 Data Mart Reference Guide.

This document introduces you to the schema that make up the intelligent Workload Distribution Data Mart (iWD Data Mart) to guide you in the design and creation of reports that use the data within the iWD Data Mart. In release 8.5, Data Mart is distributed as part of the installation package for iWD Runtime Node. Please refer to this section of the Deployment Guide for further information.

This document is valid for the 8.5.x release(s) of this product.

Intended Audiences

This reference guide is intended for:

  • Reporting and business analysts who want to leverage the data that is contained in the iWD Data Mart to produce reports for business users.
  • IT administrators who would like to gain an understanding of the components that enable iWD Data Mart.

This reference guide assumes that the reader has an understanding of the following:

  • Relational database concepts.
  • Structured Query Language (SQL) for querying and mining data.
  • iWD configuration using iWD GAX Plug-in.
  • iWD Manager.
  • Data warehouse concepts—including working with star schemas, dimensions, aggregates, and measures.
  • Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) concepts.


  • IWD Reporting provides an overview of iWD reporting and the iWD Data Mart.
  • iWD Data Mart Schema describes the facts, aggregates, dimensions, and views of the iWD Data Mart.
  • IWD ETL Jobs describes the iWD ETL jobs.
  • Customizing iWD provides the high-level steps that you must follow to have iWD calculate new statistics and aggregates. This chapter also provides one example for how to create the product_pendingoverdue statistic.
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