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The ETL_CUSTOM_MAP table is used to configure mapping of task custom attributes to attributes in the I_/H_TASK_FACT and I_/H_TASK_WORK_FACT tables, as well as the CUSTOM_DIM dimension.

The ETL_CUSTOM_MAP System Table
Field Data Type Description
ETL_CUSTOM_MAP_KEY int Unique mapping record key.
SOLUTION_KEY int Key to the SOLUTION dimension identifying the solution for which this mapping is valid. If NULL, the custom mapping applies to all solutions.
PROCESS_KEY int For which process this mapping is valid. If null applies to all processes.
DEPARTMENT_KEY int Key to the DEPARTMENT dimension.
TYPE varchar(30) Indicates where this custom attribute has been configured. One of the following:
  • taskattribute
  • taskdimension
  • tenant
  • department
  • process
KEY_NAME varchar(255) Custom attribute key name in the Interaction Server database.
IS_DIMENSION int Indicates whether this attribute should be mapped to the CUSTOM_DIM dimension instead of to a fact table.
  • 0 for taskattribute types
  • 1 for other than taskattribute types
CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTE_INDEX int Custom attribute index. If IS_DIMENSION is false (0), 0–9; otherwise 0–4.
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