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IWD Overview

iWD works in concert with the Genesys Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Platform—enabling a centralized service delivery platform, and proactively managing interactions and tasks across all channels and media.

Only with a Global Task List (which is sorted, based on business value) can the enterprise ensure that the right resources—regardless of their location—are proactively receiving the most critical or highest value tasks—regardless of media type—at the right time. Being able to react quickly with new business intelligence and work effectively are key success factors with any enterprise in today’s competitive marketplace.

As depicted in the graphic below, iWD supports three main areas:

  • Capturing tasks
  • Calculating task values
  • Distributing tasks
IWD Schematic

Capture Tasks

To address the challenge of having tasks stored across multiple enterprise systems, iWD accepts work—in electronic format—from a broad range of applications, such as customer-relationship management, workflow, host systems, and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) systems.

Calculate Tasks Values

Using the business rules that are configured by users, iWD calculates service-level values such as task due date, business value, and priority. By using these values, iWD orders tasks from most important to least important, and monitors and proactively manages tasks to ensure compliance with service-level objectives that are specific to your business.

Distribute Tasks

iWD distributes tasks to front- or back-office resources, or to external partners like business process outsourcers, working in concert with the Genesys CIM Platform.

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