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IWD Statistics

Kettle Plug-Ins

To make iWD data available to other Genesys products, iWD provides five Kettle plug-ins (see Customizing iWD) to generate and write certain data to the GTL_STAT iWD Data Mart table. Kettle is the component of the Pentaho suite that is responsible for the management of ETL processes; plug-ins are user-designed Kettle scripts for the generation of statistics. The aggregate_stats job, (see iWD ETL Jobs), reads the stats.propertiesInsert text file and executes all of the plug-ins that are listed there, providing each of them each with four parameters:

  • INTERVAL_KEY, the key of the last aggregated date and time interval

Using these parameters, the plug-in can query fine-grained facts, aggregated facts, and dimensions to create the requested statistics and write them to GTL_STAT table. The table below shows the structure of this GTL_STAT table.

Aggregation Tables/Views per Subject Area
Column Data Type Description
ID int Primary key of this table.
TENANTID varchar(64) iWD Manager ID of the tenant in which iWD Data Mart is


SOLUTIONID varchar(64) iWD Manager ID of the solution in which iWD Data Mart is


STATSERVICEID varchar(64) iWD Manager ID of the Statistics Adapter Service that is used to

connect to Stat Server for submission of statistics.

DIMENSIONTYPE varchar(64) Object type for which this statistic is calculated. By default, this value is one of the following:
  • SLT–for Solution
  • DPT–for Department
  • PRC–for Process
DIMENSIONID varchar(64) ID of the object—for example, the SolutionID, DepartmentID, or

ProcessID. This value is used to generate Stat Server filters.

MEASUREID varchar(64) Measure ID. This value is used to generate Stat Server stat types.
MEASUREVALUE int Value of the measure.

Statistics Adapter Service

The Statistics Adapter Service (see iWD Reporting), processes the statistics in the GTL_STAT table and writes statistical parameters (stat types and filters) to the configuration of the indicated Stat Server application in Configuration Server. The properties of the Statistics Adapter Service are described in the iWD GAX Plug-in Help.

Stat Server Java Extension

The iWD Stat Server Java Extension (BPR_iWD_Extension.jar) also processes statistics from the GTL_STAT table on behalf of Stat Server, to make available statistical data to other Genesys applications. To accomplish this, you must complete both the following two tasks:

  • Configure the Statistics Adapter Service in iWD with information to connect to a specific Stat Server application, and:
  • Configure Stat Server to use BPR_iWD_Extension.jar. In turn, CCPulse+ requests iWD statistics from Stat Server and reads the stat types and filters from the Stat Server configuration.

Instructions for how to configure Java Extensions within Stat Server are described in the Deployment Guide.

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