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Interaction Server Configuration

Interaction Server is required from iWD 8.1. If you are an existing eServices customer, and Interaction Server and its databases are already installed and configured for your environment, you can proceed with installing the iWD Runtime Node (Windows). Otherwise, please install Interaction Server by using the procedures in the e-Services Deployment Guide.

A Multimedia Switching Office and Multimedia Switch must be created in Genesys Configuration Database, to support Stat Server and URS operations. Refer to the eServices 8.1 Deployment Guide for more details on these topics.


There is a specific Interaction Server configuration option named completed-queues that specifies a list of queues for completed interactions. When an interaction is placed into one of these queues, the CompletedAt timestamp is set for that interaction. This is also the timestamp that will be used to calculate the Age of the interaction that is displayed on the Global Task List. This option, if it is not already present, will be added for you automatically by using the Configure Ixn Custom Properties feature of iWD Manager. However, this will only add the iWD_Completed queue to the option. You might want to add other queues to this option, based on how you want this Age to be calculated. For example, you may wish to set it to: iWD_Completed, iWD_Canceled, iWD_Rejected

  • Section: settings
  • Option name: completed-queues
  • Valid values: comma-separated list of queue names


Starting with Interaction Server 8.1.2, a configuration option, enable-revoke-from-agent, has been provided to support enhancements to task management in the Global Task List. Specifically, this option allows an Assigned interaction to be revoked from an employee desktop when the interaction is put on hold, canceled, or completed, from the Global Task List or through an iWD capture point.

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