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Web Services and Applications is a set of REST APIs and user interfaces that provide a web-based client interface to access Genesys services. The following UIs are currently offered:

  • Workspace Web Edition
  • Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

To work with the API and these applications, you must first follow the steps in this Deployment Guide to install and configure the Web Services API server component of the product. After that, you can work directly with the APIs or provide specific configuration for the applications you plan to use.

Web Services API

Web Services are the REST APIs that can be used by developers to create custom agent applications that integrate with Genesys. These applications can include features such as state management, call control, supervisor monitoring, and call recording.

Workspace Web Edition

Workspace Web Edition is an HTML 5 thin-client application that provides agents and knowledge workers with non-intrusive access to the information, processes, and applications that they need to perform their jobs more efficiently and to ensure increased customer satisfaction.

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce

Gplus Adapter for Salesforce is an integrated solution that enables Salesforce users to handle contact center interactions seamlessly within Salesforce.

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