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Workspace Web Edition Help


This is the Agent help for Workspace Web Edition 8.5.2 for on-premises deployments. Are you looking for Genesys Engage cloud Workspace Web Edition Agent Desktop 9.0? It can be found here.

Workspace lets contact center agents communicate with customers and team members through channels such as calls, chats, and email. You can

  • respond to or contact customers through the channels assigned to you
  • get help from team members
  • find standard responses and answers to customer questions
  • Change your status to Ready when you are ready to receive new interactions or Not Ready when you need more time to work on your current interaction or are away from your desktop. Your system might be set up to enable you to ][channels#done
Looking for answers to specific questions? Try these topics:

Lost? See Navigating Workspace.

Are you a supervisor? You can also monitor agents and calls and provide email quality assurance. Or check out the Workspace video on the left!

Want quick Workspace video tutorials? See our "How To" Videos collection!
  • The pictures and videos in this Help document show native Genesys Workspace. Your company might have customized many features including corporate logos and the name of the product. This document uses the name Workspace to mean the Agent Desktop application that you use to handle calls and other interactions and to manage your work and your contacts.
  • The screen shots and videos show the Dashboard tab. This is available only in the cloud version of Workspace Web Edition.
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