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A workbin is like a personal queue or storage area where you can store email, Facebook, Twitter, and Workitem interactions to be handled later.

As an agent you have two different workbins that you can use. If you are a Supervisor (Team Lead), you might have additional workbins that you can use to manage the interactions of the agents that you supervise, and you might be set up to edit Case Information.

You can access all of your workbins from the Supporting Views (IW Supporting Views Button 850.png) menu.

How do I use the My Workbins view?

To view another workbin, select it in the Workbin explorer on the left-hand side of the view. The number of unopened email messages in each workbin folder is indicated next to the name of the workbin folder.

The list of available workbins depends on how your system is set up by your administrator. Some of the workbins which might be configured for you include:

  • In Progress contains unprocessed inbound email interactions and Facebook and Twitter messages that you've saved by clicking Save In My Inbound E-mails in Progress Workbin.
  • My Drafts contains outbound email interactions and Facebook and Twitter messages that you've saved by clicking Save in My Draft E-mails Workbin.

To view details, notes, and case data about an interaction that is stored in one of your workbins, select it. Information about the selected interaction is displayed in the tabs at the bottom of the Workbins view. To display the interaction information tabs, click the Show/Hide Details Panel button. (IW ShowHideArrangeWorkbinDetailsButton 850.png)

To open an interaction for editing or handling, select it and click WWE 852 Open Selected Interaction Button.png.
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