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Hardware Requirements

See Sizing for details.

OS Requirements

Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide

Browser Support

Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 9.0+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Apple Safari 6+

The following previously supported browsers, although tested, have been discontinued and are no longer supported by Genesys:

  • Safari 3 and 5
  • Firefox 3, 4, and all non-ESR versions
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, and 10

Mobile Browsers

  • iOS Safari
  • Android Chrome

Known Limitations

The Playground application included in the Genesys Web Engagement solution does not support Internet Explorer 8.

Java Requirements

Java version 1.7.79 or higher.

Note: You can use either the JRE or the JDK. However, if you use the JRE, you may receive warning messages that do not affect the functionality of your Web Engagement application.

Genesys Environment

In addition to having a Genesys Management Framework environment installed and running, the following table lists the mandatory Genesys components that are used with a Genesys Web Engagement installation.

Mandatory Components

Component Name Minimum Compliant Version
Orchestration Server 8.1.300.55
Stat Server
Interaction Server
Chat Server
Genesys Rules Authoring Server
Configuration Server (for UTF-8 support)

Note: Web Engagement supports a connection to the Interaction Server Proxy as an alternative to a direct connection to Interaction Server.

Components for Application Development

The following components are mandatory to create customized Genesys Web Engagement applications:

Component Name Minimum Compliant Version Details
Genesys Rules Authoring Tool 8.5.303.08 You must create a user with Roles Privileges that enable the creation of Rules package in Genesys Rules Authoring. See Role-Based Access Control in the Genesys Rules System Deployment Guide.

Note: Genesys Web Engagement only supports GRAT versions 8.5.303.08 through 8.5.303.14.

Genesys Rules Development Tool 8.1.400.05 This component must be deployed as Composer plug-in or independently in Eclipse; make sure that settings are correct for Configuration Server and Repository Server, as detailed in Installing the GRDT Component in the Genesys Rules System Deployment Guide.
Composer 8.1.430.03 Mandatory to publish the Web Engagement rules template. This component can also be used to update or deploy routing and engagement strategies.
Genesys Administrator Extension Required to install the Web Engagement Plug-in for Genesys Administrator Extension. Can also be used to provision Web Engagement.
Genesys Administrator 8.1.300.02 Optional. Can be used as an alternative to Genesys Administrator Extension when provisioning Web Engagement.

Components for Interaction Management

Component Name Workspace Desktop Edition
Plug-in Version
Minimum Compliant Version
Workspace Desktop Edition –

Additional Components (Optional)

Component Name Minimum Compliant Version
Pulse For information on Pulse support for Web Engagement and Genesys Data Processing Server, see Using Web Engagement with Data Processing Server
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