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Chat Channel

When you install Genesys Web Engagement, the Provisioning Tool automatically configures the Web Engagement Cluster and Chat Server to support a chat channel for routing chat interactions.

If you need to, you can configure this manually by completing the "Configuring the Web Engagement Cluster and Chat Server to Support a Chat Channel" procedure.

The Genesys Web Engagement chat channel is legacy and deprecated.

Configuring the Web Engagement Cluster and Chat Server to Support a Chat Channel



  1. In Genesys Administrator, open your Chat Server application - either the one you connected to directly on the Web Engagement Cluster, or the Chat Server on your Application Cluster (you must complete the following steps for each Chat Server application on your Application Cluster).
  2. Select the Options tab and find the endpoints section for your tenant: [endpoints:tenant ID]. For example, if Chat Server works with the Environment tenant, there should be a section called [endpoints:1].
  1. Set the endpoint value for the endpoints:tenant ID/webme option to the name of the Interaction Queue where the chat interaction should be placed.
    Note: Each Interaction Queue can be related to one routing strategy, either Orchestration Server or Universal Routing Server.

    The webme option is set to Webengagement_Chat
    The Webengagement_Chat Interaction Queue
  2. Configure the Chat Server endpoint for the Web Engagement Web Engagement Cluster application by opening the Web Engagement Cluster application and select the Options tab. In the [chat] section, set the value of the queueKey option to the name of the endpoint you specified in the Chat Server application option in Step 3. The format is tenant ID:endpoint name.

    The queueKey option is set to 1:webme
  3. Specify the Interaction Queue that is used as a starting point to route chat interactions. In the [chat] section, set the value of the webengagementChatQueue option to the same queue you specified for the Chat Server endpoint in Step 3.

    The webengagementChatQueue option is set to Webengagement_Chat
  4. Configure how contact management will behave when a chat session is instantiated. In the [chat] section, set the identifyCreateContact option to one of the following values:
    • 1 — Do not identify and do not create a contact
    • 2 — Identify, but do not create a contact
    • 3 — Identify and create a contact (if absent).

    The identifyCreateContact option is set to 3

    The default value (3) is applied if the option is absent or specified incorrectly.

    Note: Your Chat Server must have a connection to Universal Contact Server in order to control contact management through the chat session.

  1. Configure the chat session behavior by setting the following three options in the [chat] section:
    • refreshTaskPeriod — Specifies the frequency (in seconds) of chat session updates in the chat widget. The allowed range is from 1 to 5 seconds.
    • refreshPoolSize — Specifies the count of threads that serve the communication between the chat widgets and Chat Server(s)
    • sessionRestorationTimeout — Specifies the timeout (in seconds) during which Genesys Web Engagement tries to restore a broken chat session if the Chat Server becomes unavailable.

      Chat-related options in the chat section


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