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Web Engagement release 8.5.2 does not use Genesys Data Processing Server for reporting purposes. Instead, it relies on Elasticsearch 6.8 capabilities.


The following services must be installed, configured, and started:

  • Cassandra 3.11.x
  • ElasticSearch 6.8
  • GWE Server 8.5.2, with cluster dispatcher enabled for reporting.
  • Pulse 9.0.000.xx, with an appropriate user ID with permissions to create and modify pulse templates, widgets, etc.
  • Pulse Pull Collector, which is located in the root folder of Pulse 9.0.000.xx


Enable cluster dispatcher

To enable cluster dispatcher for reporting, do the following:

  • Go to the GWE Cluster Application Options.
  • In the cluster-dispatchers section, set the startup-reporting option to reporting-dispatcher:reporting.
  • Restart the server.

Install and configure Kibana

  • Download and unpack Kibana 6.8.1
  • Read the official documentation for configuring Kibana
  • In the kibana.6.8.1/config/kibana.yml file, set the kibana.index option to the following value:
  • Start the Kibana server and confirm that gpe.kibana is successfully created.
  • Stop the Kibana server. (This is required to prevent the Kibana server from overriding the customization and configuration settings you'll make in the next steps.)

Kibana customization and configuration

  • Copy and replace the customization files from GWE/tools/kibana to the root Kibana folder, kibana.6.8.1
  • Import the visualization metadata:
    • Run GWE/server/etc/reporting/addCC.bat (Windows) or addCC.sh (Linux):
      addCC [gweUrl] [gweIndexName] [pulseUrl] [pulseUser] [kibanaUrl]
      Where :
      [gweUrl] = the GWE Server URL where the Reporting API is available (do not include a forward slash "/" at the end)
      [gweIndexName] = the GWE Elasticsearch index name; use the default gpe_events
      [pulseUrl] = the Pulse URL where Pulse was configured (do not include a forward slash "/" at the end)
      [pulseuser] = the username for importing templates. Make sure the user has appropriate permissions to write Pulse data
      [kibanaurl] = the Kibana Server URL (do not include a forward slash "/" at the end)
      For example: addCC.bat http://localhost:9081 gpe_events http://localhost:8040 default http://localhost:5601
  • Start the Kibana server

Pulse Widgets

After completing the reporting configuration, the following should be listed in the Pulse widgets:

  • GWE - Engagement Summary Today
  • GWE - Rates Today
  • GWE - Authenticated Visitors Today
  • GWE - New Vs Returning Today
  • GWE - Web Visit Summary
  • GWE - Web Traffic Summary

For information about how to create and edit widgets, see Add a Widget in the Pulse documentation.

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