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Migrating to GWE 8.5.1

Genesys Web Engagement 8.5.1 supports the 8.5.0 versions of the database layer and public API. However, due to some of the changes in GWE 8.5.1, you will need to perform several steps manually when migrating from GWE 8.5.0.

The next section lists some important changes that you must be aware of before performing the migration steps.

Important changes in GWE 8.5.1

As of release 8.5.1, there are several important changes to GWE features and functionality:

  • In version 8.5.1, Web Engagement Server must be up and running when deploying static resources. (In version 8.5, Web Engagement Server had to be turned off.)
  • Embedded Cassandra is no longer supported.
  • Webcallback channel support is removed from the out-of-box Engagement Logic SCXML strategy. The pacing algorithm now provides results for the chat channel only.
  • The Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) Plug-in, previously used for managing categories and pacing settings, is replaced by the Genesys Web Engagement Management tool.
  • When deploying static resources, all resources are now synchronized through the database, which means you can no longer dedicate a resource specifically to a particular node. This also impacts the paths used to access static resources.
  • There are a few changes to legacy chat channel support. The out-of-box widgets are updated (however, previously customized widgets are still supported), and the name of the sample out-of-box chat routing SXML strategy has been changed.

Migration steps

The following steps will help you to smoothly migrate from Genesys Web Engagement 8.5.0 to 8.5.1:

  1. If you are using Cassandra in embedded mode, install and configure external Cassandra. (Embedded Cassandra is no longer supported in GWE.)
  2. If you are using external Cassandra, do one of the following:
    • (Recommended) Remove the GWE 8.5.0 data by deleting the following data directories:
      • Cassandra (default location is: <Cassandra installation directory>/data)
      • ElasticSearch (default location is: <Cassandra installation directory>/bin/data)
    • Or, if you want to preserve the GWE 8.5.0 data events, do the following:
      • Make a backup copy of the existing database data (including ElasticSearch).
      • Stop all instances of GWE Servers.
      • Remove the gwelock table from the gpe keyspace:
        DROP TABLE IF EXISTS gpe.gwelock
      • Remove the resources table from the gpe keyspace:
        DROP TABLE IF EXISTS gpe.resources
      • In the events table, change the servertimestamp field type to timestamp:
        ALTER TABLE gpe.events ALTER servertimestamp TYPE timestamp
      • In the events table, change the timestamp field type to timestamp:
        ALTER TABLE gpe.events ALTER timestamp TYPE timestamp
      • Start the GWE Servers.
      • Modify the resources in your GWE application so that they are compatible with resources deployed in GWE 8.5.0. In most cases, you can use copy-and-paste for this.
      • Deploy resources using the deployment script.
  3. If your Engagement Logic SCXML was modified, update it so that any operations related to the webcallback channel are not triggered.
  4. If you require access to the static resources hosted by Genesys Web Engagement, make sure the base path is updated to /server/api/resources/v1/ (previous path was /server/resources/). Important! This relates to the modifiable resources only, non-modifiable resources (like Tracker JS Application) is served under old path. See Hosting Static Resources for details. Update the resource paths accordingly:
    • If your DSL file (by default domain-model.xml) is hosted by a Genesys Web Engagement server:
      Example path: http(s)://GWE_LB_Host:GWE_LB_Port/server/api/resources/v1/dsl/domain-model.xml
      For details about using this path in the instrumentation script, see Generating and Configuring the Instrumentation Script.
    • If you use legacy GWE widgets hosted in the Genesys Web Engagement:
      Example path: http(s)://GWE_LB_Host:GWE_LB_Port/server/api/resources/v1/chatWidget.html
    • If you hosted SCXML strategies on Genesys Web Engagement servers:Routing Script objects in the Genesys Config Management Environment are referred to the location of the SCXML strategies. These objects are enumerated in Enhanced Routing objects. Example path: http(s)://GWE_LB_Host:GWE_LB_Port/server/api/resources/v1/scxml/src-gen/IPD_queueBased_Incoming.scxml
    • Re-deploy the rule packages. (This procedure has not changed for GWE 8.5.1)
    • Upgrade the versions of Workspace Desktop Edition and Web Engagement Plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition in accordance with Components for Interaction Management.
  5. In Web Engagement 8.5.1: If you are using options related to time-to-live (TTL), you'll need to update the values of the retention.entity application options in the cassandraKeyspace section. These options are related to the cluster application and must be updated as follows:
    • Remove the retention.time-unit option. (This option is no longer relevant in GWE 8.5.1.)
    • Adjust the values of options with the retention.entity prefix so that they include the time unit information. As of GWE 8.5.1, these values must be entered in string format. For example: 1 day. See Web Engagement Cluster for more information about GWE Cluster options.
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