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Web Engagement Cluster

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
cep cepSessionCacheSize 10000 After server restart
cep cepSessionCacheTtl 600 After server restart
cep domainSeparation false After server restart
cep synchronizeDRLFilesInCluster true Immediately
chat connectionTimeout 10 After server restart
chat identifyCreateContact 3 Immediately
chat queueKey After server restart
chat refreshPoolSize 10 After server restart
chat refreshTaskPeriod 2 After server restart
chat requestTimeout 5 After server restart
chat sessionRestorationTimeout 30 After session restart
chat webengagementChatQueue After server restart
cluster cluster-size No default value After restart
cluster-dispatcher startup-reporting No default value After restart
cluster-dispatchers startup-reporting No default value After restart
cometD heartBeatTimeout 0 Immediately
cometd interval 0 After server restart
cometd maxInterval 15 After server restart
cometd maxSessionsPerBrowser 1 After server restart
cometd timeout 30 After server restart
cometd transports org.cometd.websocket.server.JettyWebSocketTransport, org.cometd.server.transport.JSONTransport, org.cometd.server.transport.JSONPTransport After server restart
elasticsearch http-read-only true After start or restart
engagement defaultEngagementChannel Immediately
engagement engagementExpirationTime 30
engagement registrationFormExpirationTime 120 Immediately
engagement strategiesControlWebengagementIxn true Immediately
engagement strictEngagementMode true Immediately
engagement userIdentifier EmailAddress Immediately
engagement visitExpirationTime 86400 (24 hours) Immediately
esArea name gpe After restart
kibana elasticsearch_url http://localhost:9200 After start or restart
kibana enabled true After start or restart
kibana host localhost Immediately
kibana kibana_index gpe.kibana Immediately
kibana port 5601 After start or restart
log affectedLoggers The default value is an empty string, which means that there aren't any affected loggers. Immediately
log all stdout After start/restart
log debug stdout Immediately
log expire 3 After restart
log message-format custom Immediately
log outputPattern %d{HH:mm:ss,SSS}{UTC} [%5p] [%thread] %-30c{2} - %m %ex%n" Immediately
log segment 1000 After restart
log standard stdout Immediately
log suppress-data true Immediately
log time_convert local Immediately
log time_format time Immediately
log trace stdout Immediately
log verbose standard Immediately
metrics EventDuration.threshold 1000 Immediately
metrics GcFrequency.threshold 24 Immediately
metrics GcLatency.threshold 1000 Immediately
metrics HeapMemoryUsage.threshold 0.8 Immediately
metrics monitoring.event.timer.slidingWindowSize 10 After server restart
metrics reporter.console.enabled false Immediately
metrics reporter.console.logFrequency 30min Immediately
metrics reporter.jmx.enabled true Immediately
metrics reporter.log.enabled false Immediately
metrics reporter.log.logFrequency 30min Immediately
metrics reporter.messageServer.enabled true Immediately
metrics reporter.messageServer.logFrequency 30min Immediately
pacing algorithm SUPER_PROGRESSIVE After server restart
pacing chatGroups After start/restart
pacing interactionMinProcessingTime 20 After server restart
pacing optimizationGoal 3 After server restart
pacing optimizationTarget After server restart
pacing proactiveRatio 100 After server restart
pacing refreshPeriod 2 After server restart
pacing voiceGroups After server restart
privacy collectActualIPs false After server restart
privacy collectForwardedIPs false After server restart
privacy geoMode LOCATION After server restart
privacy pathToGeoDB ./gwe/resources/geo/GeoLite2-City.mmdb After server restart
queues queueAccepted Webengagement_Accepted Immediately
queues queueEngaged Webengagement_Engaged Immediately
queues queueFailed Webengagement_Failed Immediately
queues queueMissed Webengagement_Missed Immediately
queues queueQualified Webengagement_Qualified Immediately
queues queueRejected Webengagement_Rejected Immediately
queues queueTimeout Webengagement_Timeout Immediately
security auth-scheme none After server restart
security certificate After server restart
security certificate-key After server restart
security key-entry-password none After server restart
security keystore-password none After server restart
security password After server restart
security provider DEFAULT After server restart
security trusted-ca After server restart
security truststore-password none After server restart
security user-id After server restart
userData attach812StyleUserData true Immediately
userData eventName.SignIn Immediately
userData eventName.UserInfo Immediately
userData eventName.VisitStarted timezoneOffset Immediately
userData eventType.ACTIONABLE rule Immediately
userData keysToPropagate Immediately
web cors.allowedHeaders x-requested-with,content-type,accept,origin,authorization,cookie After server restart
web cors.allowedMethods GET,POST,OPTIONS,HEAD,DELETE After server restart
web cors.allowedOrigins * After server restart
web cors.urlMapping * After server restart
web jsonp.whiteList ^_gt\.setCategory$, ^_gt\.setDSL$ , ^jQuery\d*_\d*$ After server restart
web staticResourcesCacheControl public, max-age=1800 After server restart
web staticResourcesCacheControlPattern ^(http)://.*$ After restart
webcallback phoneNumber PhoneNumber Immediately
webcallback webcallbackQueueSubmit New Immediately
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