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Develop your Application

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To introduce the script tools used to manage Genesys Web Engagement applications.


Genesys Web Engagement includes a set of scripts to manage the creation of your application. All of them should be run in a Windows Console of commands (cmd.exe). Navigate to the installation directory of Genesys Web Engagement, which contains the following files:

  • create.bat
  • build.bat
  • deploy.bat
  • start.bat

When you create a new application, a new directory with the same name is created in the apps folder of Genesys Web Engagement. This directory contains all the resources required to manage Genesys Web Engagement customization. These materials must be compiled to generate the new Genesys Web Engagement Servers embedding your Genesys Web Engagement application. Then, you must deploy these servers to replace former versions of Genesys Web Engagement. For further information about customization and development of your application, read the Welcome, in particular, Application Development Workflow, for a high level overview of application development.

Summary of Tasks

This chapter summarizes the tasks that are required to create a Genesys Web Engagement application using the Genesys Web Engagement Script Tools. This chapter includes the following sections:

Task Objective Related Procedures and Actions
Create a Genesys Web Engagement Application
Implement your Genesys Web Engagement Model
Publish the CEP Rules Template
Build and Deploy your Genesys Web Engagement Application
Start the Genesys Web Engagement Servers
GWE Create a Rules Package

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