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API Events

Once you've registered your own plugin on the bus, you can subscribe and listen for published events. Below we'll quickly register a new plugin on the bus using the global bus object.

The global bus object is a debug tool. When implementing Widgets on your own site, do not use the global bus object to register your custom plugins. Instead, see Widgets Extensions for more information about extending Genesys Widgets.

var oMyPlugin = window._genesys.widgets.bus.registerPlugin('MyPlugin');

oMyPlugin.subscribe('WebChatService.ready', function(e){});

Name Description Data
ready WebChatService is initialized and ready to accept commands. n/a
restored Chat session has been restored after page navigation or refresh. n/a
restoreTimeout Chat session restoration attempted was denied after user navigated away from originating website for longer than the time limit: default 60 seconds. n/a
restoreFailed Could not restore chat session after page navigation or refresh. n/a
restoredOffline Chat session was restored normally but chat server is offline. This means no messages can come through. When chat server is comes back online, 'chatServerBackOnline' is published. n/a
messageReceived A new message has been received from the server. Includes text messages, status messages, notices, and other message types. n/a
error An error occurred between the client and the server. (AJAX Response)
started Chat session has successfully started. n/a
ended Chat session has successfully ended. n/a
agentTypingStarted Agents has started typing a new message. n/a
agentTypingStopped Agent has stopped typing. n/a
pollingStarted Chat server automatic polling has started. n/a
pollingStopped Chat server automatic polling has stopped. n/a
clientConnected Indicates the user has been connected to the chat session. {message: (object), agents: (object), numAgentsConnected: (number)}
clientDisconnected Indicates the user has been disconnected form the chat session. {message: (object), agents: (object), numAgentsConnected: (number)}
agentConnected Indicates an agent has connected to the chat. {message: (object), agents: (object), numAgentsConnected: (number)}
agentDisconnected Indicates an agent has disconnected from the chat. {message: (object), agents: (object), numAgentsConnected: (number)}
supervisorConnected Indicates a supervisor has connected to the chat. {message: (object), agents: (object), numAgentsConnected: (number)}
supervisorDisconnected Indicates a supervisor has disconnected from the chat. {message: (object), agents: (object), numAgentsConnected: (number)}
clientTypingStarted The user has started typing. Sends an event to the agent. n/a
clientTypingStopped After a user stops typing, a countdown begins. When the countdown completes, the typing notification will clear for the agent. n/a
disconnected Cannot reach servers. No connection. Either the user is offline or the server is offline. n/a
reconnected Connection restored. This event is only published after 'disconnected'. n/a
chatServerWentOffline Chat server has gone offline but chat session has not ended. New messages are temporarily unavailable. This event is published only after the configuration option 'pollExceptionLimit' has been exceeded. Default limit is 5 poll exceptions. 'restoredOffline' is an alternate to this event that is used only when the chat server is down while trying to restore your chat session. The reason for having two events is to allow for separate handling of both scenarios. n/a
chatServerBackOnline Chat server had come back online after going offline. This will only be published after 'chatServerWentOffline'. n/a
connectionPending If there is a connection problem and WebChatService is trying to reconnect, this event will be published. Published before 'chatServerWentOffline'. n/a
connectionRestored Is published when the connection has be reestablished. Publishes at the same time as 'chatServerBackOnline'. n/a

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