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API Events

Once you've registered your own plugin on the bus, you can subscribe and listen for published events. Below we'll quickly register a new plugin on the bus using the global bus object.

The global bus object is a debug tool. When implementing Widgets on your own site, do not use the global bus object to register your custom plugins. Instead, see Widgets Extensions for more information about extending Genesys Widgets.

var oMyPlugin = window._genesys.widgets.bus.registerPlugin('MyPlugin');

oMyPlugin.subscribe('SideBar.ready', function(e){ /* sample code */ });

Name Description Data
ready Sidebar is initialized and ready to accept commands n/a
opened Sidebar widget has appeared on screen. For desktop it is displayed on the sides of the screen and in mobiles at the bottom corner as a button. n/a
closed Sidebar widget has been removed from the screen n/a
expanded Sidebar widget has expanded showing all channel details in desktops. n/a
contracted Sidebar widget has slid back to initial state showing minimal channel details in desktops. n/a
mobile.expanded Sidebar widget has expanded to full screen in mobiles, showing all channel details. n/a
mobile.contracted Sidebar widget is minimized back to initial state in mobiles. n/a

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