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Search reads its configuration from the subnode of the KnowledgeCenterService configuration namespace '_genesys.widgets.knowledgecenter.search'.


window._genesys.widgets.knowledgecenter.search = {SearchButton: {

		enabled: true,
		template: <div class='cx-icon' data-icon='search'></div>,
		effect: 'fade',
		openDelay: 1000,
		effectDuration: 300


Name Type Description Default Required
SearchButton.enabled boolean Enable/disable search button on screen. false
SearchButton.template string Custom HTML string template for search button.
<div class='cx-widget cx-search-button cx-side-button' data-message='SearchButton' data-gcb-service-node='true'><span class='cx-icon' data-icon='search'></span><span class='i18n cx-search-button-label' data-message='SearchButton'></span>
SearchButton.effect string Type of animation effect when revealing chat button. 'slide' or 'fade'. fade
SearchButton.openDelay number Number of milliseconds before displaying chat button on screen. 1000
SearchButton.effectDuration number Length of animation effect in milliseconds 300
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