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Info Mart Service and Staging Tables and Administrative Views

Most service and staging tables are intended for internal purposes and are not described in detail in this guide. For general information about the service (CTL_*) and staging (STG_*) tables and administrative views (ADMIN_*) in the Info Mart database schema, see Genesys Info Mart Database Schema and Info Mart Service and Control Tables.

Service Tables and Administrative Views

The service (or control) tables and administrative views are the areas of the Genesys Info Mart database schema that relate to operational data, instead of to the reporting data. Use these tables and views to:

  • Trace data processing immediately after the initial deployment or during administration of Genesys Info Mart.
  • Configure mapping for user-data processing during the initial deployment or when user-data storage requirements change.

The following pages describe service tables and administrative views that provide operational data that is helpful for data validation and troubleshooting:

Tables Views

Staging Tables

The following pages describe the staging tables in which Genesys Info Mart jobs store data about errors in ETL processing. Use these tables to troubleshoot errors in source data that prevent data from being transformed.

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