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Genesys Info Mart User's Guide

First published: August 30, 2019

This version of the User's Guide applies to Genesys Info Mart that is part of 9.0. For 8.5 releases of Genesys Info Mart prior to August 30, 2019, see the 8.5.0 version of this document.

Welcome to the Genesys Info Mart User's Guide. This document explains how contact center interactions are represented in the Genesys Info Mart database tables and how to use the data that is stored by Genesys Info Mart for contact center historical reporting.

Information in this guide includes:

  • An overview of Genesys Info Mart and the Info Mart database table data, showing which dimension tables are associated with each fact table
  • Descriptions of how data that is related to interaction-handling attempts, interaction resources, interactions, mediation segments, contact attempts for Outbound Contact campaigns, and agent activity is populated
  • Validated voice interaction flows
  • Validated multimedia interaction flows
  • How to use the voice-of-data aspect of data lineage
  • How dates and times of day are represented

The information is intended for end-users of Genesys Info Mart and is valid only for the releases of this product that are part of 9.0.

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