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The views in the Configuration module provide access to your personal information, shared transport arrangements, and the schedule exception totals. Click Configuration to reveal the drop-down menu that lists the views in this module:

Viewing my settings

The information in this view is displayed in two sections: Personal Information and Settings.


The Personal Information section includes: your name, employee ID, contract, hire date, site (business unit), team, and date/time of your last login.

You cannot change any of this information. If your supervisor changes something, WFM updates this information accordingly.

The Settings section includes:

  • Time zone—Keep the site time zone (default) or change it to your current one.
  • Name order—Change the order of your name, whichever order of the three you chose (First name first [default], Last name first, or Last name first, separated from first name with a comma) that is how it will appear in the interface.
  • On Startup—Change the view that you prefer to see at startup. The choices are: Open My Schedule view (default) or Continue where you left off.
  • Prevent messages from auto-hiding—Check this box to prevent error, confirmation, or validation messages from disappearing after 5 seconds. When checked, message dialogs remain open until you click Close.

If you select a time zone other than the default (Site) option, the Schedule, Trading, Preferences, and Time Off modules display information, based on your selection.

WFM is a web-based application so any modifications you make to the Time zone, Name order, and On Startup settings are saved in the browser cache. If the administrator or someone in your contact center has set restrictions on how your browser performs caching, your changes might not be saved and you will have to change the settings every time you log in. This might also be the case if you log in to WFM using a different browser than the one you used to save the settings, or if you are using an older browser version, such as Internet Explorer 7.
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