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The views in the Configuration module provide access to your personal information, shared transport arrangements, and the schedule exception totals. Click Configuration to reveal the drop-down menu that lists the views in this module:

Viewing my settings

The information in this view is displayed in two sections: Personal Information and Settings.


The Personal Information section includes: your name, employee ID, contract, hire date, site (business unit), team, and date/time of your last login.

You cannot change any of this information. If your supervisor changes something, WFM updates this information accordingly.

The Settings section includes:

  • Time zone—The Site time zone (default) or your current one (depending on whether or not you have changed it).
  • Name order—Your name order, whichever order of the three you chose (First name first [default], Last name first, or Last name first, separated from first name with a comma).
  • On Startup—The view that you prefer to see at startup. The choices are: Open My Schedule view (default) or Continue where you left off.

If you select a time zone other than the default (Site) option, the Schedule, Trading, Preferences, and Time Off modules display information, based on your selection.

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