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Handling IM Transcripts

Starting with release, Workspace Plugin supports the storage of incoming and outgoing Instant Messaging (IM) content through the Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE) in the Universal Contact Server (UCS) database when WDE is connected to UCS.

The plug-in will create only one entry in the contact history per call (for voice calls, WDE itself creates a separate entry for each agent). Transferred and conference IM calls create a single UCS interaction record.

The IM content is saved in chunks whenever an agent party ends. So, the whole context will be available in the contact history after all agent’s parties have released. However, some chunks of the transcript may be available during the call.

For more information about UCS, see UCS Administration. For more information about WDE connection to UCS, see Configuring the Workspace Application Object.

Disposition Code

The Disposition Code feature enables agents to specify outcomes for interactions that they are handling. Disposition Codes are handled as Business Attributes in Genesys Framework. The interaction disposition is part of the attached data for the interaction.

Agents select an item from the tree or click a radio button to specify the disposition of an interaction. This disposition becomes part of the attached data of the interaction.

For more information, see Enabling the Disposition Code feature.


Consultation IM calls are not supported.

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