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Managing T-Server and UCMA Connectors

Deployment Summary

For this deployment, you must complete a number of configuration steps: some on Microsoft Skype for Business Server and some in the Genesys environment.

Genesys recommends the following deployment sequence:

  1. Review Prerequisites that include system requirements and licensing.
  2. Provision for UCMA Connectors. (Microsoft)
  3. Configure and install UCMA Connector(s). (Genesys)
  4. Configure required telephony objects, including Switch objects and corresponding DN objects. (Genesys)
  5. Configure Skype for Business application endpoints for Routing Points, External Routing Points, and conference services. (Microsoft)
  6. Create a pool of ready conference resources that UCMS Connector will create at startup time. These resources guarantee that there are conference resources available for call handling. (Genesys)
  7. Configure Skype for Business user endpoints. (Microsoft)
  8. Configure and install T-Server for Skype for Business. (Genesys)
  9. Configure and install SIP Server. Set up the multi-site (ISCC) connection to T-Server for Skype for Business. See the Framework 8.1 SIP Server Deployment Guide for details. (Genesys)
    • On the Connections tab of the SIP Server Application object, add an ISCC connection to T-Server.
  10. Create a new PSTN Gateway using the Microsoft Skype for Business Topology Builder. Configure a trunk to provide connectivity with SIP Server. See details in Microsoft documentation:
  11. Define External Access policies, voice routes, and PSTN usage to be used for remote treatments. See details in Microsoft documentation:
  12. Configure and install Genesys Media Server. (Genesys)
    • When integrated with SIP Server, the Genesys Media Server provides Real-Time Protocol (RTP) streaming for a variety of media services—treatments, conferences, call recording, and so on—using the Media Server Markup Language (MSML). See the Genesys Media Server Deployment Guide for details.
  13. Deploy Workspace Desktop Edition for each agent. (Genesys)
  14. Deploy Workspace Plugin for Skype for Business for each agent. (Genesys)
  15. Implement performance enhancements.
For additional information about configuring Skype for Business, consult the Multimedia Connector for Skype for Business Configuration of Microsoft Skype for Business platform White Paper.
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