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Configuring Skype for Business User Endpoints

To configure Skype for Business User endpoints:

  1. Create users in Active domain if required. A Skype for Business user must have a corresponding domain account. See details in Microsoft documentation.
  2. Add and enable users using the Skype for Business Server procedure described at the following links of Microsoft TechNet Library:
  3. Create an Extension DN (in the Genesys configuration environment) for each Skype user with the number corresponding to the SIP URI of the Skype user.
T-Server does not support TEL URI for Skype for Business users. Therefore, only the SIP URI must be configured for Skype for Business users and only this SIP URI must be used for routing and calls.
Do not delete Skype for Business users during their active calls. Doing so might have an unpredictable effect on the call.
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