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Error Messages

This table presents the complete set of error messages T-Server distributes in EventError, which T-Server generates when it cannot execute a request because of an error condition.

Code Symbolic Name Description
40 TERR_NOMORE_LICENSE No more licenses are available.
41 TERR_NOT_REGISTERED Client has not registered for the DN.
42 TERR_RESOURCE_SEIZED Resource is already seized
43 TERR_IN_SAME_STATE Object is already in requested state.
50 TERR_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error code. Request cannot be processed.
51 TERR_UNSUP_OPER Operation is not supported.
52 TERR_INTERNAL Internal error.
53 TERR_INVALID_ATTR Attribute in request operation is invalid.
55 TERR_PROTO_VERS Incorrect protocol version.
56 TERR_INV_CONNID Connection ID in request is invalid.
57 TERR_TIMEOUT Switch or T-Server did not respond in time.
58 TERR_OUT_OF_SERVICE Device is out of service.
59 TERR_NOT_CONFIGURED DN is not configured in the Configuration Database.
61 TERR_INV_CALL_DN DN in request is invalid.
71 TERR_INV_CALD_DN Invalid called DN.
93 TERR_DEST_INV_STATE Destination Invalid State.
111 TERR_TOO_MANY_REQ Too many outstanding requests.
123 TERR_DN_NOT_EXIST DN for association does not exist.
177 TERR_TARG_DN_INV Target DN Invalid.
223 TERR_BAD_PARAM Bad parameter is passed to function.
226 TERR_OUT_OF_MEM Out of memory (local).
415 TERR_INV_DEST_DN The destination DN in the request is invalid.
470 TERR_PARTY_NOT_ON_CALL Party in request is not involved in a call.
481 TERR_NOT_SIGNED_AGENT The destination agent is not signed in.
496 TERR_INV_CALL_STATE Party in request is in the call state.
563 TERR_NO_CALL No call.
565 TERR_INVALID_STATE Invalid State.
1140 TERR_CSTA_OPER_REQ_INCOMPAT Request incompatible with object.
1703 TERR_SOFT_AGENT_WRONG_ID Agent has a wrong ID.
1706 TERR_SOFT_AGENT_ALREADY_LOGGED_IN Agent has already logged in.
1707 TERR_SOFT_AGENT_NOT_LOGGED_IN Agent has not logged in.
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