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Error Messages

This table presents the complete set of error messages T-Server distributes in EventError, which T-Server generates when it cannot execute a request because of an error condition.

Code Symbolic Name Description
40 TERR_NOMORE_LICENSE No more licenses are available.
41 TERR_NOT_REGISTERED Client has not registered for the DN.
42 TERR_RESOURCE_SEIZED Resource is already seized
43 TERR_IN_SAME_STATE Object is already in requested state.
50 TERR_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error code. Request cannot be processed.
51 TERR_UNSUP_OPER Operation is not supported.
52 TERR_INTERNAL Internal error.
53 TERR_INVALID_ATTR Attribute in request operation is invalid.
55 TERR_PROTO_VERS Incorrect protocol version.
56 TERR_INV_CONNID Connection ID in request is invalid.
57 TERR_TIMEOUT Switch or T-Server did not respond in time.
58 TERR_OUT_OF_SERVICE Device is out of service.
59 TERR_NOT_CONFIGURED DN is not configured in the Configuration Database.
61 TERR_INV_CALL_DN DN in request is invalid.
71 TERR_INV_CALD_DN Invalid called DN.
93 TERR_DEST_INV_STATE Destination Invalid State.
111 TERR_TOO_MANY_REQ Too many outstanding requests.
123 TERR_DN_NOT_EXIST DN for association does not exist.
177 TERR_TARG_DN_INV Target DN Invalid.
223 TERR_BAD_PARAM Bad parameter is passed to function.
226 TERR_OUT_OF_MEM Out of memory (local).
236 Timeout performing operation Request failed as no response from Connector (hence from SfB) for requested service received during timeout.
237 Call has disconnected Request failed due to the main call being disconnected.
291 Other telephony operation in progress Request failed because there is still pending request for the same call/device/etc in progress.
415 TERR_INV_DEST_DN The destination DN in the request is invalid.
470 TERR_PARTY_NOT_ON_CALL Party in request is not involved in a call.
481 TERR_NOT_SIGNED_AGENT The destination agent is not signed in.
496 TERR_INV_CALL_STATE Party in request is in the call state.
563 TERR_NO_CALL No call.
565 TERR_INVALID_STATE Invalid State.
1140 TERR_CSTA_OPER_REQ_INCOMPAT Request incompatible with object.
1703 TERR_SOFT_AGENT_WRONG_ID Agent has a wrong ID.
1706 TERR_SOFT_AGENT_ALREADY_LOGGED_IN Agent has already logged in.
1707 TERR_SOFT_AGENT_NOT_LOGGED_IN Agent has not logged in.
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