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Workforce Management

Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

May 28, 2020 (

What's New

Generic unpaid Exceptions replace unpaid Breaks

  • When processing overtime requests, WFM now uses generic unpaid Exceptions instead of generic unpaid breaks to cover gaps between shifts and overtime when overtime is inserted outside of the shift start/end times.

New complimentary caching method

  • The new, optional cache synchronization method is complementary to WFM's existing automatic synchronization. It reduces database round trips and improves WFM Server performance. This feature is disabled, by default.

Improved responsiveness

  • WFM Server's responsiveness is improved by up to 40% in the Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day view.

Improved efficiency: cache limitation removed

  • The efficiency of the Schedule cache is improved, limiting the maximum cache size only by available memory.

Improved extraction of statistics

  • The WFM ETL database performance is improved when Activity Performance statistics are extracted from WFM Server.

New Dimension tables in ETL Database

  • The WFM ETL database Dimension tables WFM_BU and WFM_SITE now have an additional column named IANA_TIMEZONE, which is a standard Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) time zone name assigned to business units and sites. For more information about this feature, see When to use IANA time zones in the Workforce Management ETL Database Reference.
    The latest WFM Forecast UI requires IANA time zones.

Resolved Issues

Web for Supervisors

  • WFM now correctly determines the start/end times for full-day time-off items during the Time-Off Bidding process in certain configurations when they were set in Rotating Patterns.
  • WFM login sessions no longer fail in load-balanced environments with large loads. Previously, login sessions sometimes failed in these environments, requiring a server restart to clear the failed login message.
  • WFM's Master Schedule Change Approval process now reliably approves selected schedule changes only.
  • WFM Server no longer terminates intermittently when performing user authentication.
  • Users no longer receive Review Batch Request messages when granting multiple Preferred time-off requests from multiple agents, on multiple days.
  • In the latest Web for Supervisors Forecast > Master Forecast > Volumes, > Staffing, or > Shrinkage views, users are now correctly prompted to log in again when a session times out.
  • WFM now correctly shows Preferred time-off requests as Granted in the published schedule if auto publishing is enabled and the agent edits the request.
  • When autogranting time off, WFM now uses standard hours in Contracts to determine the paid hours in special cases.

February 14, 2020 (

What's New

Access token is refreshed

  • WFM Web now refreshes the access token so it no longer expires after one hour, causing unexpected errors to occur in various places in the application.

Same site Cookies defined

  • WFM Web's SameSite Cookies property is now set to Strict to ensure that cookies are used only for same site purposes, preventing the Google Chrome browser v80+ default behavior from changing and stopping the delivery of cookies.

WFM Integration with Genesys Cloud API

  • WFM supports integration with Genesys Cloud API for Forecasting using the Genesys Cloud upload service, which supports payloads greater than 3 MB.

Validation of the Overtime Offers

  • WFM now performs validation on the length of Overtime Offers, and no longer saves offers that exceed 6 weeks.

Resolved Issues

Web for Supervisors

  • WFM now processes all Time-Off bidding periods, regardless of the site with which they are associated.
  • Issues are resolved that sometimes caused WFM Forecast coverage to be less than expected when the UME algorithm was used and the forecast included historical events.

Web for Agents

  • WFM now consistently saves agent information that has been modified.

January 8, 2020 (

What's New

JSP files in Tomcat Secured

  • Following best practices and to improve security, JSP files in the WFM Web Application are now stored inside Tomcat's /WEB-INF directory, thus preventing users from browsing directly to these files.

Time-scale bar in Web for Agents

  • A time-scale bar with 1-hour segments (above the Time-Off Limits bar) is now available to agents when adding and editing time-off requests in the WFM Agent Time-Off > Calendar view. Agents can also click anywhere in the Time-Off Limits bar to see the Period, Time-Off Limit and Wait-List details for that interval.

Start/End times in Web for Agents Calendar

  • Agents now see the start and end times for calendar or scheduled items by using the new Show start/end times setting in the WFM Agent Preferences > Calendar view and Schedule > Other Schedules view. Agents can optionally change the settings to see the name of the calendar or scheduled items (such as Availability, Vacation, etc.) by clearing the Show start/end times check box in the Settings dialog.

Schedule details in Agent UI tooltip

  • The Agent UI enables agents to see schedule items details displayed in a new tooltip by hovering the cursor over truncated schedule items in the Schedule > Other Schedules view.

Agent (Classic) UI deprecated

  • The WFM Web for Agents (Classic) UI is deprecated and will be unavailable in future releases. Genesys recommends that you change the configuration to display the current Agent UI instead of the Agent (Classic) UI. Contact your Professional Services Representative for assistance.

WFM Graph Reports not supported with OpenJDK

  • WFM graph reports are no longer supported with OpenJDK.

Resolved Issues

Web for Supervisors

  • The Performance > Intra-Day view now displays empty cells if WFM returns non-integer values.
  • In the latest WFM Supervisors UI, WFM now renders the week start day in the date range calendar, based on the browser's locale setting.
  • Supervisors attempting to access the WFM subsystem, are now redirected to the Login page if they do not have access permission.

September 30, 2019 (

What's New

Redesigned Forecast module

  • WFM Web for Supervisors now includes a redesigned Forecast module, enabling access to existing forecasting functionality and features, but with many user-friendly enhancements, wizards, and tools. Web for Supervisors (Classic) Forecast module is still supported and available. The Forecast module is currently available only in English.
  • The Forecast module can include a setting that lets Supervisors switch between the Classic Forecast UI and the re-designed UI. The Forecast UI must be configured to include the setting. If the New UI setting is not included in your WFM Web for Supervisors Forecast module, contact your Genesys Customer Care representative to request the feature.
  • AI-powered forecasting is introduced in the redesigned Forecast module, providing a sophisticated, automated build method that uses the best of the best forecasting algorithms provided through the Genesys hosted-cloud infrastructure.
  • The Workforce Management Supervisor Help is a context-sensitive Help that describes the redesigned Forecast interface. The Workforce Management Supervisors (Classic) Help is still available.
  • The Overlays view in the redesigned WFM Web Forecast interface is enhanced, enabling supervisors to adjust Spread over distribution to 15 or 30 minutes (in addition to 60).

Log In splash screen

  • The WFM Web Log In splash screen is updated, displaying the latest Genesys branding and logos.

WFM Web UI Launcher

  • The WFM Web UI Launcher application can be downloaded from within WFM Web for Supervisors and after deployment, used as the default application to open .wfm files in the same session. For instructions on how to deploy the UI Launcher, see the Workforce Management Web for Supervisors (Classic) Help.

OpenJDK support

  • WFM Web now supports OpenJDK 11.

WFM Web for Agents interface options

  • The WFM Web for Agents interface can be configured so that only the Agent interface or only the Classic Agent interface appears, with no option to switch, or it can be configured so that the Agent interface appears but with an option in the Log off drop-down menu that enables agents to switch to the Classic Agent interface. To request a change in how your WFM Web for Agents interface displays for users, talk to your Genesys Customer Care representative.

Enhancements to Payback Exceptions feature

  • Agents can now use their desktop or mobile devices to insert Payback without adding an Exception. Your system must be configured for this functionality. Contact your Genesys Customer Care representative to request this feature.

Editable fields in Skills tab

  • The values in the Min. level and Max. level fields in the Web for Supervisors Activity > Skills tab can now be edited at any time.

Supported browsers

  • Google Chrome 73.0 or later
  • Mozilla FireFox 60.5 or later

Discontinued support

  • Java 7 is no longer supported.

Resolved Issues

Web for Supervisors

  • WFM Web now calculates the duration of full-day Time-Off items and Exceptions as follows:
    • The duration of paid, full-day Time-Off items and Exceptions is equal to Paid Time.
    • The duration of unpaid, full-day Time-Off items and Exceptions is equal to Standard Daily Paid Hours from the agent's contract.
    If Start Time and End Time values are specified for Time-Off items and Exceptions, the duration is estimated as the difference between those values.
    In Genesys Administrator, if the Reports > TotalsInStatesReport property is set to true, WFM uses the daily totals for calculations.
  • The size of the [X] Weeks text field has been increased to 55 pixels in the Performance Report > Date Range settings.
  • The values in WFM Web's Time-Off Balance and Time-Off Management reports are now the same. Starting in, the balances differed by 1 minute due to the way in which WFM Web rounded off seconds in time-off balances .
  • WFM Web now excludes duplicate information about selected activities from the Contact Center Performance report.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day and Schedule > Agent-Extended views now show all scheduled items in the correct colors.
  • Exceptions and Time Off items that are ineligible for schedule trades now display in their default color and do not appear as separate items in the Legend in the Other Schedules view.
  • Users can now activate the "Skip to main content" link by pressing the Enter key in JAWS. Users who are not using JAWS can activate this link by pressing the Enter key or Space bar.
  • WFM now restricts editing of Agent Properties in the Web for Supervisors UI unless users are assigned the Add/Edit/Delete privilege in Configuration > Organization.
  • WFM Web now processes updated Calendar items without errors after validation.
  • WFM Web's Java applet signing certificate signature includes a timestamp, meaning the code signature will not expire after the code signing certificate expires.
  • WFM Web has a renewed certificate for signing Java code. The certificate provided in previous WFM versions expired on June 11, 2019. Continuing to use an older release of WFM after the expiration date might cause Warnings or Error messages to appear when you use Web for Supervisors Java-based views.
  • The RUN_JAVA_STANDALONE setting in WFM Web for Supervisors About > Settings is now of type ENUM and can be set to Off (plug-in used) or Java Web Start. Previously this setting was of type BOOLEAN.
    When RUN_JAVA_STANDALONE is set to:
    • Off (plug-in used) (default)—The Java-based modules in WFM Web opens in a separate windows using the Java plug-in, in the browser.
    • Java Web Start—WFM displays the following message: The selected view opens as a separate application. If it does not open automatically, save the file with the .jnlp extension and open it separately. The .jnlp file is then generated automatically and the Java-based modules in WFM Web open in a separate window.
  • The list of weekday names now appears in the correct language in the Forecast > Volumes view, according to the configured locale.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors Java Plug-In now uses Arial Unicode MS font when translated into Chinese and running on Windows 10 version 1803 or higher.

Web for Agents

  • Buttons and check boxes in WFM Web for Agents are now labelled to support JAWS accessibility standards.
  • WFM now trims the seconds from time-off balances before displaying them in Web for Agents. For example, 5:59:47 now displays as 5:59 in the agent's Time-Off Balance pane.
  • To provide clarity in WFM Web for Agents, the word "Slots" was changed to "Bids" in the list of Overtime Offers and in the Details pane to the right of this view. Also, the label Shift used for overtime in the drop-down list was changed to Add overtime to this shift.

November 2, 2018 (

What's New

Minimum Consecutive Working Days

  • The new setting Minimum consecutive working days, in the WFM Web for Supervisors Contracts > Constraints tab, enables supervisors to set the minimum number of consecutive working days an agent must be scheduled before any scheduled day off.

Platform Support

  • Support for Java 10. Starting with Java 9, browsers no longer support Java plug-ins. WFM provides a workaround to enable Java Webstart to start as a standalone application that contains Web for Supervisor Java-based views. To enable this feature, speak to your Genesys Customer Care representative.
  • Support for the Microsoft Hyper-V virtual platform.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

Overtime Bidding

  • Enables WFM to schedule agents' overtime bids (associated with Overtime Offers) within the existing overtime scheduling process. Supervisors with the appropriate role privileges can create Overtime Offers in the new Overtime Bidding view and initiate the automated overtime scheduling process. Agents can then bid on overtime slots in Overtime Offers in the Bidding > Overtime view after the supervisor marks the offer as "Open".

Agent Mobile Client

  • The Workforce Management Agent Mobile Client now includes the My Schedule, Trading, Time Off, Preferences, and My Settings modules and views, enabling agents to perform the several tasks on their mobile devices.

Presentation Properties in My Schedule

  • In WFM Web, agents can now narrow the range of hours in the My Schedule view to display only the hours in their contract. Agents enable this feature by opening the Settings dialog box and checking the Presentation Properties > Use contract hours check box.

Multi-Site Trading

  • WFM Web now supports multi-site trading. Agents use the the new Trading > Trades view in the Agent UI to trade schedules with other agents located at different sites when Activities within the schedule are configured as Multi-Site Activities.
    The following views in the WFM Web for Agents UI are enhanced to support multi-site trading
    • Schedule > Other Schedules
    • Schedule > My Schedule > Create Trade Proposals
    • Schedule > My Schedule Details > Create Trade Proposals
  • Warning messages in Web for Supervisors Trading > List of Trades view are improved to support multi-site trading. Now supervisors see:
    • Appropriate warning messages when approving trades that involve agents from two different teams when they only have access rights to one of those teams.
    • Warning messages for each non-compliant agent involved in the trade.

Enhancements to Time-Off Bidding

  • WFM now shows the bidding period status as Processed in the WFM Agent interface Time-Off Bidding Periods view and on the Status tab in Web for Supervisors Configuration > Time-Off Bidding Periods view when the agent's time-off requests have been processed.
  • Available agents in WFM Web can now be associated with a bidding period when filtered by Multi-Site Activity.
  • WFM Web's Time-Off Bidding Period property Processing Finish Date and Time has been renamed Closing Date and Time.
  • Supervisors can (optionally) configure WFM to allow agents to submit only full-day time-off requests for a specific bidding period.
  • Supervisors can now see the selected agents' time-off details in Web for Supervisors Configuration > Time-Off Bidding Periods > Status view.

Agent Mobile Client Preview

  • WFM introduced a preview version of the WFM Mobile Client for Agents that includes functionality in the Schedule, Time off and Preferences views, similar to the WFM Web for Agents desktop UI. The Mobile Client is supported on:
    • Android devices running the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.
    • iOS devices running the latest Apple iOS platform update and built-in Safari browser.

Exceptions with Payback

  • Exceptions with Payback enable supervisors and agents to insert unpaid part-day Exceptions into schedules to indicate missed work time, and insert work intervals into schedules to pay back or recoup it. WFM automatically optimizes these agents' schedules. The inserted work, which is indicated by Marked Time of type Payback, provides metrics for the Schedule Marked Time Report and Schedule Marked Time Totals Report.

Ability to Rollback Exceptions

  • Rollback Exceptions enable agents to roll back to a committed schedule after successfully entering Exceptions.

Role-based Access to Web for Agents

  • Role-based access to WFM Web for Agents enables administrators to determine which agents have access to certain features and functionality in WFM Web for Agents. Using Genesys Administrator, they can add agents to Access Groups that are assigned to appropriate WFM roles, or assign individual agents directly to roles. To enable this feature, contact your Professional Services representative.

Non-Tradable Items in Other Schedules

  • Agents can use a new setting in the WFM Agents Other Schedules view to see which schedules are non-tradable. After enabling this setting by selecting the Indicate non-tradable items check box, schedules that cannot be traded are displayed with a gray background.

Hide Non-Tradable Exceptions and Time-Off

  • Administrators can now replace the actual names of non-tradable Exceptions and Time-Off items with generic names in the Web for Agents' Other Schedules view, enabling them to hide sensitive information, if required. To enable this feature, contact your Professional Services representative.

Improved Report Generation

  • WFM has improved generation of the Agent Adherence Report when it contains millions of records. (WFM-27127)

New WFM Agent Interface

  • A new WFM Agent user interface is introduced in this release.

New WFM Agent Help

  • The Workforce Management Agent Help is introduced in this release, which describes the new Agent user interface and explains how to use it. The previous version of the Help is renamed Workforce Management Web for Agents (Classic) Help

Added Features in New Agent Interface

  • In the Schedules view, agents can now print their schedules for 1-6 weeks or for the Planning Period.
  • In the Time Off view, agents can now choose the month from which to present data to more easily view and request time off in the view, rather than navigating between calendar year periods.
  • The Schedule > Other Schedules view now:
    • Displays Activities details, such as start and end times.
    • Clearly identifies full-day Time-Off items by name and with a colored bar above the name.
    • Displays Activity Sets in their configured colors, enabling agents to see who is working on which Activity Set.
    • Agents can now search on agents' names.

New Marked Time Type Preserved

  • WFM now preserves Marked Time of type Overtime and Payback during Intra-Day schedule reoptimization. The Marked Time of type Payback is new in this release.

New Column in Agent Extended Views

  • The Web for Supervisors Master Schedule > Agent Extended and Scenario > Agent Extended views now include a Weekday column, that shows the name of the weekday.

Ability to choose Scheduling Mode

  • The Scheduling mode in WFM Web is now set in Policies > Contracts > Constraints, enabling both Task Sequences and Activity Sets to be scheduled for a site simultaneously in one Schedule Scenario.

New Schedule Scenario Wizard

  • In WFM Web's New Schedule Scenario wizard, when Schedule Scenarios are based on Forecast Scenarios, all Activities from the Forecast Scenario are selected, by default.

Improved Visibility for Auto-commit Indicator

  • In the WFM Web for Supervisors Schedule > Master Schedule > Intra-Day view, the Auto-commit icon now clearly indicates when the auto-commit action is enabled and disabled, by displaying brightly when enabled (on) and dimly when disabled (off).

Specify Colors for Business Units Separately

  • WFM Web for Supervisors Configuration > Colors view now enables supervisors to specify distinct default colors for each Business Unit.

Enhancements to Time-Off Bidding

  • A new implementation of the Time-Off Bidding feature includes the following improvements and enhancements:
    • A new bidding process flow, in which time-off requests for a bidding period are processed multiple times, allowing agents to make changes to comply with time-off limits and bidding period constraints.
    • The option for supervisors to create and configure multiple Bidding Period objects for the same time-off request interval.
    • New properties in the Bidding Period object, enabling better control and assignment of agent time-off requests, such as:
      • The First come, first served property now uses the time that the agent last changed his/her status to Ready as the sorting criteria to ensure a uniform sort order in the bid assignment process.
      • The Maximum number of <weeks, days, hours> that can be requested properties restrict the number of weeks, days, and hours that an agent can request within a bidding period.
      • The new Minimum Consecutive Days property, which replaces Minimum Days.
      • The Do not process property enables supervisors to suspend or resume the bid assignment process.
      • The Allowed Agent Timeout property enables supervisors to set a timeout interval to allow agents to change their time-out requests to conform with time-off limits and bidding period constraints.
    • New agent bidding statuses, enabling supervisors to manage the flow of the bidding process in Web for Supervisors, and agents to manage their status when bidding for time off in Web for Agents.
    • A new constraint requires agents to submit time-off requests, in which all items in the request are either within or outside of the bidding period time-off interval. Agents must enter time-off requests that cross the bidding period boundaries as multiple separate requests.
    • WFM now counts only Granted and Scheduled time off when presenting values in the Time-Off Limits view in Web for Agents. Agents will see these values when requesting time-off within an open bidding period.
    • A new Notification of Time-Off Bidding Changes is sent to supervisors and agents when time-off requests cannot be granted, or when the agent is skipped after the configurable timeout interval has expired.
    • This feature supports migration of earlier 8.5.x releases.

Java Plug-In for Browsers

  • WFM Web now allow supervisors to use Java-based views in browsers that do not support the Java plug-in.
    The RUN_JAVA_STANDALONE setting in Web for Supervisors About > Settings... view enables users to run Java views from browsers that do not support Java Plug-Ins. If this setting is checked, WFM generates a file, downloads it, and automatically launches the applet. However, you might have to save the file to your hard drive and start it, as you would any other application. It then starts as a standalone Java Webstart application, containing Java-based supervisor views. There are limitations when using the Java plug-in. To enable this feature, contact your Professional Services representative.

Added Windows Server Support

  • Added Microsoft Windows Server 2016 support.
  • Added Microsoft Windows 10 support for the WFM web-based application only (Supervisors and Agents).

Detection of Proxy Settings in Browsers

  • WFM Web now detects the browser's proxy settings when running Java applet-based views in Web for Supervisors, preventing issues that could arise (applet-based views could stop working) if the proxy was configured in the browser for network connections.

Sorting and Filtering in Schedules

  • In WFM Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day and Schedule > Weekly views:
    • Filtering by Shift Name is now enabled.
    • Sorting by the Shift End Time is now enabled.

Prevention of Deserialization Vulnerabilities

  • WFM Web now prevents the class of vulnerabilities related to Java deserialization. This update prevents not only the specific case described on the web page (linked below), but any other yet unknown cases by explicitly restricting deserialization only to specific known classes. For more information about this vulnerability, see foxglovesecurity.com.

Protection Against Clickjacking

  • WFM enables enforcement of protective measures against clickjacking. Clickjacking, also known as "UI redress attack" is a malicious technique that tricks a Web user into clicking on a button or link on another page when they intended to click on the the top level page, thereby hijacking clicks and routing them to another page, most likely owned by another application, domain, or both.

Protection Against Session Fixation

  • A new WFM security feature prevents vulnerability of Session Fixation by changing the session identifier after a user logs in and logs out.

New Time Zone Setting

  • A new Time Zone setting named Local is now available in the Calendar Items view. Selecting this setting displays calendar items in each site's time zone for the selected days. Calendar items from different sites are not directly comparable when this setting is selected.
    In addition, selecting this setting enables you to publish calendar items to schedules without having to switch to the specific time zone (as described in WFM-25117), even if the items displayed are from different sites with different time zones.

Exception Memos

  • When adding Exceptions in Web for Supervisors Schedule views, supervisors can now add exception memos (or comments) consisting of up to 256 characters to the following:
    • Intra-Day Schedule view
    • Agent-Extended Schedule view
    • Individual Schedule report
    • Team Schedule report
    Supervisors with privileges to access these views can also edit exception memos.

Meeting Name Displayed in Schedules

  • When Meeting Exceptions are scheduled in Web for Supervisors Schedules views, the meeting name is now shown next to the Meeting Exception name. For example, exception_name, meeting_name (exception_memo) will be shown in the Intra-Day and Agent-Extended schedules.

Exception Memos in Agent UI

  • Agents can now enter Exception memos in the WFM Web for AgentsMy Schedule view and then see them (read only) in the Schedule Details views, and printed schedules.

Comment Field Renamed

  • The Comment field in Exception properties is renamed Memo. In the following views and reports, where there are lists, grids, or reports with columns used not only for memo, but also for comments about other Calendar item types, the name is changed to Comment/Memo:
    • In Web for Agents Preferences view
    • In Web for Supervisors:
      • Calendar > Calendar Items view
      • Reports > Calendar Items report and report wizard
      • Reports > Calendar Audit report and report wizard

Improved Presentation of Performance Data

  • In Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day, the presentation of performance data is improved and now displays strings with empty values as empty (rather than zero).

Added Virtual Platform Support

  • Support for virtual platform ESXi 5.5.

Added Browser Support

  • Support for Firefox ESR 38.

Resolved Issues

This is the first WFM 8.5.2 release in Genesys Engage cloud. There are no resolved issues.

August 09, 2016 (

What's New

Improved Response Time

  • WFM's response time is improved when inserting Time-Off items.

Resolved Issues

Web for Supervisors

  • The Calendar Items view in Web for Supervisors now shows week day names correctly if the time zone is changed when using English\New Zealand or English\Australian regional settings.
  • WFM Web no longer displays the message An unexpected issue occurred while processing this request when users logs out after a new window is opened and then closed.
  • The WFM Web for Supervisors interface no longer freezes when several windows are open and users are working/performing actions in these windows.
  • WFM Web's Schedule > Intra-Day view now consistently refreshes Performance data when switching between dates.
  • In specific scenarios, WFM no longer allows agents to request time off when they have insufficient Time-Off balances, as it could result in negative Time-Off balances.

July 8, 2016 (

What's New

Improved Forecast Import Functionality

  • WFM Web for Supervisors Forecast Import functionality is improved and now enables partial-day data to be imported successfully.

Resolved Issues

Web for Supervisors

  • WFM Web for Supervisors Schedule > Intra-Day view now consistently refreshes Performance data when switching between dates, and correctly displays matching data in the Schedule.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors Home screen now displays the correct background colors when applying the High Contrast theme, improving usability.
  • Supervisors can now enter locale decimal numbers into the Wage field in the Web for Supervisors' Configuration > Agents view and save the data.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors now displays the correct message when the size of the imported file exceeds the configured limit in the Forecast > Import view and the Import progress bar now shows accurate progression.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors Forecast Import functionality now provides improved handling of data containing gaps or days that should be ignored, and no longer causes errors.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors Forecast > Import wizard has a new field, enabling optional specification of the character set if a character set must be specified in special cases and used to save imported data files.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors Statistics pane in the Organization > Activities view now opens faster in browsers when the Genesys Configuration database contains thousands of objects.
  • After changing and saving Role Privileges in WFM Web for Supervisors Configuration > Roles view, you can select No or Cancel with no error messages displaying.
  • WFM now displays information in the Web for Supervisors Master Schedule > Changes Approval view without empty lines being added to tables or error dialogs displaying.
  • WFM now correctly displays shifts in schedules in WFM Web for Supervisors Master Schedule > Intra-Day view after opening the Schedule History dialog and clicking Cancel.
  • WFM Web for Supervisors now correctly copies Shifts to the same site and the references to the associated Task Sequences are copied when the Task Sequences must always be used option is specified.
  • When separate WFM Web for Supervisors instances are configured to generate reports, supervisors can now continue working in WFM Reports without having to log in again.
  • WFM now accurately detects total Distribution Value percentages in Web for Supervisors when it adds up to 100 percent and no longer produces an error message.

Known Issues

  • In WFM Web for Supervisors Classic UI, Schedule State Groups (SSG) are incorrectly displayed in the site's time zone when a child activity (within a multi-site activity) is selected in the Forecast > Shrinkage view.
  • When using FireFox ESR browser on Windows, if a Help topic is opened from any dialog within WFM Web for Supervisors interface, the topic appears with the dialog window on top of it and you cannot scroll the page until the dialog window is closed. When using Internet Explorer, the dialog overlaps the Help topic, but you can scroll the page without closing the dialog.
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