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Platform Administration (GAX)

Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

June 6, 2016 (

What's New

Resolved Issues

  • Tenant Administrators and Supervisors can now access an agent's Options tab or change the Skills assigned to the agent even if the user does not have Write permission to the Transactions/UserPreferences folder. (GAX-8680)
  • You can now import a configuration file that contains configuration options with no assigned values (for example, 1TRG= ) into a Transaction object. (GAX-8653)
  • This release fixes security vulnerability. (GAX-8576)

March 8, 2016 ( UPDATE)

What's New

  • Support for the following web browsers:
    Apple Safari 7
    Apple Safari 8

Resolved Issues

  • This version fixes a potential security vulnerability known as Session Fixation. (GAX-8509)
  • Platform Administration now displays a confirmation message when a user has successfully changed their own password. (GAX-8439)
    The message reads as follows:
    Password Changed
    Your password has been successfully changed.
    The user must click OK to close the message before continuing.
    Previously, Platform Administration did not indicate the success or failure of the password change, and returned to the list of Persons.
  • Platform Administration now displays an error message when the key and value in custom lists for parameters are longer than 255 characters. Previously, the interface allowed the user to enter more than 255 characters, but when you tried to save the custom lists, Platform Administration generated an error message. (GAX-8431)
  • Platform Administration now prevents memory leaks when a user switches from a dashboard view to a list view multiple times. Previously, this memory leak caused the user's browser performance to degrade over time, especially on older machines that had a limited amount of memory. (GAX-8283 [GAX-8238])
  • This release fixes a potential security vulnerability relating to leakage of information. (GAX-8183 [GAX-8427])
  • Platform Administration now correctly moves multiple agents from one Agent Group to another, when instructed. Previously, Platform Administration added the agents to the destination Agent Group, but did not remove them from the original Agent Group. (GAX-8142)
  • Platform Administration removes an XML external injection vulnerability. (GAX-7744)
  • This version of Platform Administration removes a potential password exposure vulnerability. (GAX-8069, GAX-8049)
  • Platform Administration now clones a Person object correctly. Previously, all of the parameters of the original object were sometimes not copied. (GAX-8010)
  • This release removes a potential cross-site scripting vulnerability. (GAX-7809)
  • Platform Administration no longer terminates unexpectedly after an unsuccessful login attempt. Previously, Platform Administration running in IE 9 would sometimes terminate unexpectedly if, after an unsuccessful login attempt (because you entered an incorrect password), you corrected the password and tried to log in. (GAX-7677)
  • In Internet Explorer 9, the Skills filter field now works properly. The placeholder value does not become part of the filter expression. Previously, the placeholder value was not removed when the field was cleared and remained as the whole, or part (if another value was entered) of, the query expression. (GAX-7985)
  • When cloning an Agent in the Agent Management screen, the original Agent stays associated with its original Place. Previously, the original Agent became disassociated from its Place. (GAX-7680)

October 14, 2015 (

What's New

Resolved Issues

  • When working in Genesys Cloud, Platform Administration (GAX) no longer creates additional Agent Logins after editing an agent in the Agents view, if Agent Logins are already associated with the agent. Previously, if an agent had already been associated with an Agent Login using Configuration Manager, and the agent is modified later in the Agents view, additional Agent Logins would be created.
    Even after the fix, if the Default Number (DN) of the agent is changed during editing, additional Agent Logins will still be created. (GAX-8175)
  • After creating an object using GAX Configuration Manager, the list of objects now refreshes automatically to include the new object in the list. Previously, GAX sometimes did not show the new object on some systems because of a race condition. (GAX-8365)

Known Issues

  • When updating an object that has no configuration options in its annex, Platform Administration displays the CFGUniquenessViolation error message, and the update is not made. (GAX-8497)
  • When using the Internet Explorer 9 web browser, actions in the System Dashboard are sometimes processed slowly or not at all, and a JavaScript error is generated. (GAX-8458)
  • Unsaved changes in a form can be lost if the panel containing the form is closed by means other than: (GAX-1322)
    Selecting another item from a list or tree-view panel.
    Using the links in the Navigation Bar to go to another screen.
    Closing the tab or window of the browser.
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