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Real-Time Reporting (v9)

For information about the latest releases of Real-Time Reporting, see Real-Time Reporting (Genesys Pulse) Release Notes.

Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

September 28, 2020 (

Resolved Issues

  • The CVE-2020-11612 vulnerability is resolved. (WBRT-14288)
  • The CVE-2019-11358 vulnerability is resolved. (WBRT-14223)
  • Genesys Pulse is now properly propagates Widget Template changes. Previously, in rare cases, Widget Template changes were not propagated to other user's Widgets due to the "Could not connect to database" error message. (WBRT-14196)
  • Genesys Pulse no longer provides API endpoints exposing potentially sensitive information from Configuration Server. (WBRT-14106)
  • The Widget Count column of the Widget Management screen now updates correctly. Previously, it did not show the actual values after remove operations were performed from the same screen. (WBRT-14037)
  • Multilingual characters of shared Dashboard, Wallboard, or Widget Template can now be saved in Configuration Server. (WBRT-13955)
  • Genesys Pulse is now displaying the reason of failed login attempt when using GWS SSO page and allows user to navigate back to the login page for retry. Previously, the raw error text was shown without ability to re-enter login credentials. (WBRT-13563)
  • Genesys Pulse user logout is now terminating only its own session while sessions in other Genesys applications using GWS SSO remain intact.(WBRT-12408)
  • Genesys Pulse now detects preferred languages set via the "Settings / Internet Options / Languages" dialog in Internet Explorer 11. (WBRT-11713)
  • The object selection in Widget with the allowed object type DN/Queue Group is now restricted to ACD Queues and Service Numbers groups. Previously, unsupported Network Ports and Single Ports groups were available for selection. (WBRT-7048)

June 29, 2020 (

What's New

  • Support of Screen Readers.

Resolved Issues

  • Alert Widgets now can be edited by users without Pulse Manage Users privilege. (WBRT-14033)
  • Dashboard, Wallboard, or Widget Template can now be saved only to the appropriate sub-folder of Configuration Unit or Site folder. (WBRT-13973)
  • Improved application stability and availability: decreased possibilities of errors when attempting to login into Genesys Pulse. (WBRT-13932)
  • Voice statistics are being updated in widgets based on the Agent Login template. (WBRT-13426)
  • Genesys Pulse now updates values in widgets based on eServices Queue KPIs template. (WBRT-13410)
  • If the Language specified via GAX User preferences and the browser's interface language is not available among installed Language Packs, Genesys Pulse interface falls back to English. (WBRT-13088)
  • "Select All" check boxes now reflect partial selection in tables on Management Screens. (WBRT-12042)

March 6, 2020 (

What's New

User Interface

  • Ability to change Language and Time Zone preferences from the user menu in the Genesys Pulse navigation bar. Language and Time Zone selected in GAX User preferences menu are automatically picked up by Genesys Pulse User Preferences but not vice versa.
  • Dutch (Netherlands) Language support.
  • Keyboard Navigation support.
  • Changes in the User Interface to match recent Genesys User Experience guidelines.
  • New Alert Widget template. It allows you to create and configure an Alert widget to monitor all widgets alerts from a single panel, which provides a notification center for multiple dashboards.
  • Ability to specify thresholds for alerts in decimal numbers.
  • A dark theme is now available for the Wallboard in fullscreen mode.
  • Ability to display broadcast information to its audience with a new Text Widget type. The new Text Widget can be displayed as a news feed ticker and edited by Administrators.
  • Line Chart view is now renamed to Time Tracking view.
  • The transpose mode is now added to the Time Tracking view and for Line Widget.
  • You can now pin the Name column in the Grid Widget as defined by the Display Options.
  • Ability to select or clear selections from columns in the Data view on the expanded widget using the new Select All.
  • The Grid Widget and the Data View have new Compact and High Color Contrast modes. New options are available on the Display Options tab of the Widget Wizard for the Grid widget and in the new Customize menu of the Data view:
    • Row Density:
      Comfy (default) or Compact–Enables compact presentation for the high data density
    • Row Color Contrast:
      Low (default) or High–Enables High Color Contrast for better accessibility
  • The Name column is now always pinned in the Data View.
  • Ability to filter rows in the Grid Widget and Data View by column to display the current agent status even if the Show Agent State Icon is enabled for this statistic.
  • If the user has no access to the selected objects in the view or headline of the widget, instead of showing "Object Unavailable", Genesys Pulse displays other objects from the selected objects in the widget.
  • Ability to show or hide the widget title for any type of widgets.


  • New display format status. This new display format is applicable only for statistics using Statistical Type ExtendedCurrentStatus. It allows to specify values displayed for the status (icon, name, media, duration) or use user-defined formatting based on JavaScript string literals syntax), to show "Do Not Disturb" status with its duration and to select current status statistics on any chart.
  • You can propagate template changes to user's widgets without recreating the existing widgets from scratch. Genesys Pulse asks you to propagate changes when you save updates to the template if there are any widgets based on that template.
  • Ability to track the number of dashboards and widgets used, remove or deactivate obsolete widgets based on additional information related to the widgets (last modified date).
  • Limits for both personal Widgets and Dashboards (including wallboards). This functionality is supported by new configuration options on the Annex tab of the Access Groups :
    • max_tabs_per_user
    • max_widgets_per_user
  • Ability to embed custom links to any third-party website in the Navigation bar.


  • Genesys Pulse is no longer a GAX plug-in.
  • Genesys Pulse now supports SSO via GWS.
  • Genesys Pulse now supports the SameSite=strict cookie attribute in order to mitigate the risk of a cross-origin information leakage.
  • Genesys Pulse now supports the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    • Microsoft Edge 44, 79+
    • Mozilla Firefox 70+
    • Google Chrome 77+
    • Apple Safari 12+

Localization Support

Genesys Pulse supports the following localizations:

  • Arabic:
  • Chinese (Simplified):
  • Czech:
  • Dutch
  • French:
  • French Canadian:
  • German:
  • Italian:
  • Japanese:
  • Korean:
  • Polish:
  • Portuguese:
  • Russian:
  • Spanish:
  • Turkish:

Resolved Issues

  • The "Select All" checkbox in Dashboard, Wallboard, and Widget Template Management interfaces does not work when the "Search by Column" function is enabled.
    Workaround: Disable the "Search by Column" function. (WBRT-14405)
  • Genesys Pulse Collector now allows up to 4999 characters in the VAG script. (WBRT-12667)
  • Formula-based statistics for Skills levels now reflect skill-level changes made in the object properties. (WBRT-12655)
  • The selection of a Campaign Group object now works properly on the Objects tab of the Widget Wizard. (WBRT-12436)
  • The session token, which is stored in cookies, is now invalidated before a new login for security reasons. Previously, the same token value was reused for each user logging in from the same browser. (WBRT-12380)
  • The First and Last name of the current user is now displayed in the navigation bar. Previously, the username was displayed in the navigation bar. (WBRT-12370)
  • Grid widgets that contain statistics with Group By columns do not show drill-down rows when no Group By columns are selected. (WBRT-12302)
  • The username is no longer stored in the browser's local storage for security reasons. (WBRT-12161)
  • To improve Genesys Pulse performance under high load, an excessive number of database transactions are no longer opened. (WBRT-12157)
  • For security reasons, the server name and the version are no longer present in HTTP headers and on error pages. (WBRT-12152)
  • It is now possible to store Dashboards, Wallboards, and Templates in folders inside Configuration Unit or Site folders of Configuration Server. (WBRT-12092)
  • The Abandoned formula in the Chat Queue Activity template is corrected to exclude the current number of waiting chats. The Abandoned_15M statistic is removed from the template. (WBRT-12010)
  • Genesys Pulse Collector correctly calculates formula-based statistics that contain the ERROR value along with valid values (WBRT-11709)
  • The correct error message with explanations is shown on the login page if a user does not have the Read access to its own Person object in Configuration Server. Previously, there was no error messages in such case. (WBRT-11231)
  • The Line widget now always shows the first line segment for the selected time interval. (WBRT-11604)
  • Genesys Pulse properly handles the situation if a shared Dashboard or Wallboard, without any title, is published using API. (WBRT-11468)
  • Folders in Wallboard/Dashboard and Widget Template management are now correctly displayed. Previously, the structure of folders might become incorrect after the clone operation. (WBRT-11338)
  • Users do not lose active dashboards if any of the management screens are opened before the loading of launched dashboards is completed. (WBRT-10713)
  • The following vulnerabilities are resolved: CVE-2018-7489, CVE-2018-1199, CVE-2017-15095, CVE-2017-7525, CVE-2015-9251, CVE-2015-2156, CVE-2014-3488, CVE-2014-0193, CVE-2014-0107, CVE-2013-4517. (WBRT-10623)
  • The Wait Time statistic in widgets created from the Queue KPIs template now shows proper values. Previously, values shown could be up to two times larger than the correct values. (WBRT-9277)
  • The user with Read access is not allowed to move the Dashboard/Wallboard/Widget Template from one folder to another folder of the same tenant. Previously, such object could be moved even if the "Access Forbidden" message was shown to the user. (WBRT-9612)
  • When the Group-By functionality is enabled for a widget, the Line chart and the Time Tracking chart now display correct data. (WBRT-9498)
  • Genesys Pulse now checks that the data being imported is compatible with the current version of Genesys Pulse. Previously, during the import it was possible to select incompatible data exported from the newer version of Genesys Pulse. The data from an old version still can be imported to the newer version of Genesys Pulse. (WBRT-9417)
  • The column width in the Grid Widget is now preserved between page reloads even when it is changed by a double click. Previously, changes in the column width were preserved only if the column had been resized by dragging the column border. (WBRT-9384)
  • The Current AWT statistic in widgets created from the Queue KPIs template now has a correct value. (WBRT-9204)
  • The Cancel button now works correctly in the Move To dialog. Previously, the button closed the dialog, but did not stop the moving process. (WBRT-8848)
  • A unique number is now added to imported objects if they are identical to existing objects. Previously, they were imported with the same name. (WBRT-8724)
  • Thin sectors of Donut charts are now displayed properly. (WBRT-8713)
  • Genesys Pulse no longer has memory leakage when you switch between tabs. (WBRT-8661)
  • All Genesys Pulse tabs and windows within the same browser log out and in simultaneously, which prevents you from creating malfunctioning or losing widgets or tabs. (WBRT-8596)
  • Autoplay functionality in KPI and Donut widgets now continues to function when you switch between pages. (WBRT-8520)
  • You can now successfully save template changes after a series of edits including renaming and overwriting the template. Previously in this scenario, Genesys Pulse displayed a TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND message. (WBRT-8502)
  • You can no longer perform any actions while the Genesys Pulse DB is unavailable. Previously when you performed actions, you might lose widgets and tabs that you previously created. (WBRT-8424)
  • Genesys Pulse now correctly displays statistics with different formats and values on line widgets. Previously, the statistics might have been incorrectly scaled. (WBRT-8355)
  • Your changes to the Grid widget settings are now preserved after you edit the widget. Previously, settings such as column width and filter were reset to their default values. (WBRT-8304)
  • Genesys Pulse leaves the column menu open when you unselect column. Previously, it might close. (WBRT-8254)
  • Downloads for Dashboards, Wallboards, Templates, and Widgets now start automatically in the Safari browser. (WBRT-8075)
  • Items can now be successfully selected on touch screen computers using the mouse. Previously, in Google Chrome browser, items could not be selected by the mouse on touch screen computers. (WBRT-8072)
  • Date and time in the Wallboard, launched to a full screen, are now formatted according to the selected locale. Previously, the selected locale did not affect the date and time formatting. (WBRT-7732)
  • Scroll bars in Grid Widget and Data View have an updated style are now hidden when they are not needed. (WBRT-6881)

Known Issues

  • SSO login is not enabled for tenants with Private MPLS provisioned for Genesys Pulse. (WBRT-15017)
  • Widget Count columns on the Widget Management screen do not show the actual values after remove operations performed from the same screen.
    Use the Refresh button. (WBRT-14037)
  • The Use System Settings option selected for Language or Time Zone in GAX User preferences is not picked up by the Genesys Pulse User preferences. (WBRT-13055)
  • Genesys Pulse interface uses an invalid Time Zone if the Time Zone, specified via GAX User preferences, is removed.
    Change the Time Zone to the available one using Genesys Pulse User preferences menu. (WBRT-13024)
  • Management screens might become not accessible by keyboard navigation after Search operations with no results. (WBRT-12384)
  • Widget Template changes cannot be propagated to deactivated widgets. (WBRT-12344)
  • The Grid Widget and Data View that contain statistics with Group By columns might reset the vertical scroll position within the next data update. (WBRT-12275, WBRT-11792)
  • Lists in Wizards might display partial data after switching between tabs and returning to previous steps.
    Scroll the list up or down until the data appears. (WBRT-12177, WBRT-6966)
  • The Stacked Bar Chart values are not accessible by keyboard navigation. (WBRT-12175)
  • Widgets on the Wallboard launched to full screen might overlap each other in rare conditions.
    Visit the Wallboard tab, containing overlapped widgets, and relaunch to full screen afterward. (WBRT-12089)
  • The scrollable content of the Text Widget, List Widget, and Donut Widget is not accessible by keyboard navigation. (WBRT-11838)
  • Languages which are set in Internet Explorer 11 via the "Settings / Internet Options / Languages" dialog could not be detected by Genesys Pulse. The language of the browser interface is used instead.
    Change the browser interface language by setting an appropriate language pack for Internet Explorer 11 or use newer Microsoft Edge browser. (WBRT-11713)
  • Currently, daylight saving time (DST) works only if the user preferences are set to anything other than system settings in GAX. When the user preferences are set to system settings, the system preferences show DST time correctly if use local is selected. Selecting a specific timezone in system preferences with a certain offset will hard code the offset to be literally what is shown, without adjusting for DST. (WBRT-8275)
  • Genesys Pulse becomes unresponsive while switching between dashboards.
    Reduce the number of widgets per dashboard (especially grid and line widgets). (WBRT-7020)
  • The object display name format, configured in Genesys Pulse Collector option object-name-format may not correspond to the object display format in the Object picker of Wizard. It works for Widget display only, but not for the Object selector. (WBRT-3186)
  • Genesys Pulse Collector might terminate unexpectedly if String.localCompare() is used in the formula. (WBRT-13098)
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