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Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

March 21, 2019 (

What's New

URL Changes

  • The URLs for all of the Callback UI web pages now include /ges/app/*, rather than /ges/ui/* or /ges/react/* .

Resolved Issue

  • You can now successfully recreate a callback using the automatically-generated Desired Date value without any manual intervention. Previously, when you tried to recreate a completed callback using the Desired Date that the application selected, you received a Please select a valid callback time error. In this scenario, the only way to recreate the callback using the auto-generated date was to open the calendar and select that date. (GES-1160)
  • Callbacks no longer return error messages when in the PROCESSING state. Previously, the interface generated an error message about a failure to get diagnostic data when a call was being processed. (GES-1300)

March 7, 2019 (

What's New

Updated UI

  • Colors and styling have been updated on the Callback login screen and throughout the UI.

Resolved Issue

  • Styling issues have been fixed in the Callback Advanced Options window. Previously, long queue names did not display properly in the Advanced Options window and users could sometimes experience issues when scrolling through the list. (GES-1148)

February 27, 2019 (

What's New


  • Support for environments that use MPLS. (GES-1121)

Resolved Issue

  • The Callback tab now displays all pages of results when you filter the list and more than 250 callbacks are returned. Previously, Callback would sometimes display only one page of callbacks in this scenario (subsequent pages failed to display). (GES-1149)

February 7, 2019 (

Features Coming Soon

Role-Based Access Control

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) gives you customized control over user activities within the interface. Using RBAC, you can define Roles such as Administrator, Developer, Monitor, and Supervisor, and then configure access control that is appropriate for each Role. Users can then perform only the tasks allowed for the Role to which they are assigned. For example, a user with a “Monitor” role can log in to the Callback interface and view the list of callbacks, but cannot make any changes. RBAC will be available for use with the Callback application when Platform Administration has been updated to support this feature for Callback. Watch this Callback Release Note for future updates.

Restricting user access based on lines of business

  • You can limit the scope of what logged-in users can see and access based on your lines of business. Currently, any user who is logged in to the Callback application can see all callback requests as long as the user has access to that tab in the user interface. Using the line-of-business filtering feature, administrators have the option to limit which callback requests a specific group or user can view. For example, if you have a Sales group, then you can allow that group to view only callback requests for Sales. The ability to limit user access based on lines of business will be available for use with the Callback application when Platform Administration has been updated to support this feature for Callback. Watch this Callback Release Note for future updates.

December 28, 2018 (

What's New

Initial release

Genesys Callback enables you to provide a deferred option to connect consumers and agents at a mutually beneficial time, and provides support for Call-In behavior.

Callback is a generic product name that includes support for many scenarios and triggering sources including:

  • Immediate (as soon as an agent is available) or Scheduled Callback offers
  • IVR in-queue callback.
  • Web or mobile callback — Public API-driven from mobile apps, Web sites, or the Genesys Widgets for Callback.
  • Click-To-Call-In — A mobile app requests call-in details provided immediately or when an agent becomes available.
  • Additional public APIs for queue Estimated Wait Time (EWT) and office hours availability
  • Web administration UI for general management (list, create, cancel, reschedule callbacks)

Genesys Callback is enabled through Genesys Engagement Services (GES), the successor to Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) in the cloud. Designer is used to configure Callback.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues.

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