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Real-Time Reporting (Pulse)

Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

August 18, 2017 (

What's New

User Interface

  • Genesys Pulse now provides a Wallboard for displaying Key Performance Indicator (KPI) widgets to enable you to broadcast and share information to your entire team.
    • Wallboards are similar to dashboards, but designed for large screens in public places.
    • The wallboard KPI widget is different from the dashboard KPI widget in that you can choose only one object and one statistic and either a regular or sparkline widget.
    • For a full screen view of your wallboard, launch the wallboard using the tab more menu. You can enable your wallboards to cycle at a specified interval in fullscreen mode. You can also customize the wallboard header (name, header color, and text color).
  • Users can change the size of the Donut widget, which now displays up to 10 statistics. The value in the center can be none, total, average, maximum, and minimum of the statistics displayed.
  • The Grid widget and Data view provides a quick search to filter agents based on their status.
  • The following charts were renamed: Line to Time Tracking, and Grid to Data.
  • You can now filter logged-out agents from your reports within a report template.


  • You can import and export Pulse Dashboards, Wallboards, and Widget Templates from one environment to another.
  • You can now manage Pulse Dashboards, Wallboards, and Widget Templates from corresponding management screens accessible from the Manage menu. You can remove, edit, clone, export or move Dashboards, Wallboards, and Widget Templates from one location to another in the central repository.
  • You can select and move one or more of these items to a different folder. The access permissions setup for individual items saved in Genesys Configuration Server remain the same after you move the items between Genesys Configuration Server folders.
  • You can now save and share custom dashboards with other users.
  • Genesys Pulse now provides Twitter Media Activity and Facebook Media Activity templates.


  • Genesys Pulse now supports statistics with GroupBy feature of StatServer release 8.5.103 and higher in the Grid widget.
  • Genesys Pulse now supports the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    • Microsoft Edge 12+
    • Mozilla Firefox 42+
    • Google Chrome 46+
    • Apple Safari 9+

Resolved Issues

  • Pulse can now process unlimited simultaneous widget data requests. Previously, Pulse could process up to eight simultaneous requests. (WBRT-8434)
  • Graph colors now provide more contrast. (WBRT-7925)
  • Genesys Pulse now displays all warnings and errors in widgets for all supported languages. Previously, Genesys Pulse did not display this content for some languages. (WBRT-7866)
  • Pages displayed as IFRAME tabs no longer quit unexpectedly when switching between tabs. (WBRT-6624)
  • In FireFox, after you delete a widget, other widget content now remains. Previously, the content might disappear. (WBRT-6297)
  • Genesys Pulse no longer displays warning messages about unsaved changes during statistic changes and all changes are saved automatically. Previously when one statistic was deleted while another was created, Genesys Pulse might display an unnecessary warning message "Please Confirm. Any changes you have made will be lost." (WBRT-5868)
  • Widgets now successfully load in a browser window if you edit the widget in another browser window. (WBRT-5595)
  • Genesys Pulse Grid row order in maximized view no longer changes after you hide a statistic used for sorting. (WBRT-4909)

August 21, 2015 (

What's New

  • The Line Widget now includes:
    Time interval controller options: 15 min, Hour, and Day
    Tooltip with value
  • Ability to set limit of widgets per user.
  • Ability to hide statistics on template level. Pulse does not display hidden statistics on widgets, although it uses them in formula calculations.
  • New templates:
    Chat Agent Activity
    Chat Queue Activity
    Email Agent Activity
  • Template updates:
    New hidden statistics with enabled User Data is now added to Agent Login template for Service Type, Customer Segment, Service Sub Type, and Business Result metrics calculations. User Data examples now added to Agent Login template.
    Minor updates to Agent KPIs, Agent Group Status, and Chat Queue KPI templates.

Resolved Issues

  • After Pulse is upgraded to, Pulse now displays all templates with statistics during the statistics step in the widget wizard. Previously when Pulse was upgraded to older versions, some custom templates might have shown an empty list on the statistic selection screen of the wizard. (WBRT-5672)
  • Pulse now preserves the sorting order in the Grid widget after you reload the dashboard. Previously, the sorting order reloaded as ascending. (WBRT-5650)
  • The help link now correctly opens the Pulse help. Previously, the link incorrectly opened the documentation landing page. (WBRT-5650)
  • Column sizes in the grid on some Platform Administration screens (like Persons) are now correct after your perform edits on a widget. Previously, after your performed an edit of a Pulse widget, the size of Name column on subsequent Platform Administration screens was sometimes too small. (WBRT-5645)
  • Pulse now applies changes to templates immediately without requiring that you close the wizard dialog. Previously, you might sometimes have seen the previous version of a template if you updated the template while creating a new widget. (WBRT-5643)
  • The Grid widget performance while loading and updating data is now improved. Previously, the dashboard might have momentarily frozen or the scrolling might have slowed. (WBRT-5615)
  • You can now continue to use your dashboard after you try to reset it to the default dashboard. Previously, if you did not have privileges to change your own Person object, the selected dashboard stopped functioning. (WBRT-5480)
  • Thresholds in the Line chart are no longer lost when another action, such as Statistic selection, is performed in another chart. (WBRT-5402)
  • Pulse now shows data in the Agent Login template for the Service Type, Customer Segment, Service Sub Type, and Business Result metrics with default settings. Previously to see these metrics in your report data, you had to clone the Agent Login template, edit the Current Status metric and select the User Data check-box, and then create a new widget from your cloned template. (WBRT-5354)

Known Issues

  • Objects (Dashboards, Wallboards or Widget Templates) may be imported with same name as another one if their names are identical, except the copy suffix.
    Use Save As to save an object with a new name after the import. (WBRT-8724)
  • An empty space can appear on Grid Widget (or Whole widget can become empty) after some action involving sorting and scrolling.
    Scroll the grid up or down. (WBRT-7441)
  • Scrollbars are always visible on the Grid widget and Data View even if they are not needed. (WBRT-6881)
  • Starting from release, the Genesys Pulse top level menu, including the Genesys Pulse User menu, is different from the Platform Administration menu. The Genesys Pulse User menu does not provide the ability to set a user's home page or change the user or system preferences.
    Switch to Platform Administration to access all menu options. (WBRT-6785)
  • The Link to Configuration Manager for shared dashboards and templates does not work with Platform Administration release 8.5.000.xx.
    Navigate manually to Platform Administration Configuration Management. In Environment/Scripts, you can find the Genesys Pulse Dashboards and Templates saved in Configuration Server as scripts. (WBRT-7405)
  • Genesys Pulse becomes unresponsive while switching between dashboards.
    Reduce the number of widgets per dashboard (especially grid and line widgets). (WBRT-7020)
  • Users cannot select or clear a selection from the All columns in the Data view on an expanded widget.
    To clear selection or select all, users must manually click on every column. (WBRT-7005)
  • Widgets positions are not preserved during dashboard cloning.
    After cloning a dashboard, move the widgets to desired positions manually. (WBRT-6935)
  • The order of rows in the Genesys Pulse Data view in an expanded widget might change and became unpredictable when you hide the statistic used for sorting, although the column Name is still highlighted as sorted by.
    Sort again by the desired column. (ARK-1604, WBRT-7019)
  • Lists in the Widget and Template wizards might display partial data after switching between tabs and returning to previous steps.
    Scroll the list up or down until data appears. (ARK-1602, ARK-1422, WBRT-6966)
  • If the same dashboard is opened in two different browsers (or different windows of the same browser), changes made in a widget on the dashboard in one session might be not applied to the second session.
    Reload your browser window to synchronize the updated information in the second session. (ARK-1424)
  • Users with Genesys Pulse View Dashboard privilege only cannot download debug info immediately after switching to debug mode.
    After switching to debug mode, reload the page. (WBRT-4971)
  • Genesys Pulse does not immediately update Agents added to an Agent Group (including Virtual Agent Groups that use scripts) in widgets with Quick updates enabled. Genesys Pulse updates the agents when you receive a full snapshot. (WBRT-4900)
  • The Line Widget not available in the widget wizard when objects are selected By Group. (WBRT-5282)
  • In widgets that are expanded to tab, you can no longer print directly from the widget.
    Starting from Genesys Pulse release 8.5.x, printing is replaced with the Download Widget option. You can save the widget as a CSV file, which can then be printed. (WBRT-3722)
  • The object display name format configured in Genesys Pulse Collector option object-name-format may not correspond to the object display format in the Object picker of Wizard. It works for Widget display only, but not for the Object selector. (WBRT-3186)
  • Statistic and object names overlap each other when you click the All Statistics checkbox in Grouped Bar charts several times. (WBRT-2583)
  • When you add or edit a widget, Genesys Pulse cannot load all the objects in the Select object dialog box if there are more than 2000 objects. (WBRT-3219)
  • Statistics that have values of string type cannot be displayed in the chart. You must use the Grid to view statistics with values of string type. (WBRT-1633)
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