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Gplus Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Information.png Note: The updates listed below might not apply to all environments.

June 26, 2020 (

What's New

  • Gplus Adapter now supports Microsoft Channel Integration Framework (CIF) V2.0.

April 02, 2020 (

What's New

  • Gplus Adapter now supports Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD).

January 17, 2020 (

What's New

  • Gplus Adapter is embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Single pane desktop user experience
    • Support Channel Integration Framework (CIF) V1.0
    • Customer Engagement Applications for Sales and Customer Service
    • Activity history tracking (type = Phone Call)
    • Customizable screen pop
  • Agent Status Management - Ready, Not Ready (with Reasons), Logoff, and so on
  • Agent Performance Tracker
  • Inbound/Outbound Voice
    • Call controls – Make call, Accept, Hold, End Call, Transfer, Conference
    • Inbound toast alert
    • Case Data view
    • Free Seating based on Place (Genesys SIP only)
    • Click-to-call from Dynamics Phone field

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues.

For documentation, see Gplus Adapter for Microsoft Dyanamics 365.

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