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Genesys Predictive Routing

Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

December 28, 2018 (

What's New

Initial release

  • You can now upload Dataset, Agent Profile, and Customer Profile data to Genesys Predictive Routing (GPR) from CSV files that use certain legacy encodings (listed below). By default, GPR always assumes the CSV files are encoded with UTF-8. The following encodings are supported:
    • UTF-8
    • Shift JIS
    All data returned from GPR uses UTF-8 encoding.
  • The schema management workflow for Agent and Customer Profiles has been simplified and streamlined. The Discovered Fields tab has been removed and cardinality counts have been added to the schema view. This change ensures GPR always presents up-to-date Profile information. The schema tab always presented updated information, if available, but the Discovered Fields tab display was generated only once and did not reflect changes to the Profile schema.
  • The explanation for how to configure and interpret the Agent Variance Report has been clarified and expanded.

Known Issues

  • Genesys Predictive Routing (GPR) uses the same web application interface for Cloud and on-premise environments. Two major functionality areas are relevant only for on-premise users:
    • Except for Cloud users with the STAFF role who might need to add new users to the existing account, the Accounts functionality is relevant only for on-premise users.
      • DO NOT attempt to modify the current account. If changes are required, contact your Administrator.
      • If you are a Cloud user with the STAFF role, you can create a new account, but it will be non-functional.
      • Although certain users might be able to make changes to your current account, actions that can render the account inactive or unusable are disabled.
    • The Cloud version of Genesys Predictive Routing uses a Data Pipeline that automatically draws data from your environment. Disregard all procedures and discussions relating to Agent Profile, Customer Profile, and Dataset formats, uploading, and configuration.
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