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Genesys Customer Experience Insights (CX Insights)

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July 23, 2018 (

What's New

Initial release

This is the first release of Genesys CX Insights for Genesys PureEngage Cloud.

Genesys CX Insights provides a wealth of historical reporting capabilities, built on a MicroStrategy platform.

It includes reports and dashboards based on hundreds of unique and standardized metrics and attributes, and allows you to customize and create new reports.

To learn how to use Genesys CX Insights, including how to access, run, read, or customize historical reports, see the Genesys CX Insights page in the Reporting in the Cloud guide.

If you are an Administrator learning how to manage Genesys CX Insights user accounts, see the Genesys CX Insights User Management page.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues.


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