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Recording Cloud Backup Service

Information.png Note: Not all changes listed below may pertain to your deployment.

July 8, 2019 (

RCBS version has been deprecated and replaced with version If you are using version, please upgrade to version immediately.

What's New

Validation mode

  • RCBS now has a validation mode that validates its connection to AWS S3.

Interaction Recording Web Services

  • RCBS now sends its version number to Interaction Recording Web Services (RWS) when querying the download API.

Recovery report

  • The RCBS Recovery Tool now includes a script that calculates the percentage of undecryptable recordings and generates a recovery report.

Resolved Issues

  • The skipLastRecordingCheck parameter is no longer configurable and it is now always considered false. (GIR-25902)
  • The shardBy parameter is no longer configurable and it is now always set to 1. (GIR-25938)
  • The downloadMode parameter is no longer configurable and it is now always set to single. (GIR-25952)

January 8, 2019 (

What's New

Recovery Tool

  • The RCBS Recovery Tool allows you to recover undecryptable recordings and is required for the following circumstances:
    • RCBS exits unexpectedly when downloading recordings in the multi-threaded mode.
    • Some recordings downloaded before the unexpected exit are not decryptable by OpenSSL commands.
    The new tool allows users to recover these recordings and decrypt them through OpenSSL commands. For instructions on how to use the tool, refer to <RCBS_installation_folder>/tool/rcbs_recovery_script/recovery_README.

May 15, 2018 (

What's New

Resolved Issues

  • Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) now prints the version number correctly in the logs. Previously, RCBS was printing the version as "DEVELOPMENT-VERSION" in logs.

February 27, 2018 (

What's New

  • When started from the command line, Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) now shows incremental progress of the download process by showing the percentage downloaded for the requested backup time period.

Resolved Issues

  • RCBS no longer displays an error when handling multi-part screen recordings. Previously, an error was displayed when renaming the screen recordings from "mp4.bin.part" to "mp4.bin". (GIR-8759)
  • If the configured download period is more than 1 day, the last_recording_endtime.txt file is updated every shardBy day (by default, 1 day) during the download process. This file cannot be viewed on Windows when the download process is in progress, but it can be viewed on Linux during download. (GIR-17788)
  • In the multi-threaded mode, RCBS no longer takes a lot of time for processing the recordings after download. (GIR-17837)

March 29, 2017 (

What's New

  • The commons-collection library used by the Recording Cloud Backup Service has been upgraded to version 3.2.2 to address a potential security issue.

December 20, 2016 (

What's New

  • Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) supports AWS Signature version 4 for requests sent to Amazon S3 Services. RCBS also supports optional payload signing during the transfer. To enable the payload signing, set the option usePayloadSigning to true. Since payload signing affects performance, set the option to false to disable it if your installation does not require authentication. The default value is false.
  • Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) now supports a query based on the startTime only, and no longer requires the overlap to be specified, when two consecutive runs with two windows adjacent to each other takes place. Previously, an overlap value had to be specified to avoid missing recordings when RCBS used two back-to-back download windows.

Resolved Issues

  • Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) no longer uses the deprecated RFC2109 cookie format. Previously, the RFC2109 cookie format may have caused requests sent by RCBS to be rejected. (GIR-8286)

September 27, 2016 (

What's New

  • Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) now supports multi-threaded and multi-instance download. For multi-instance RCBS, the download of the recordings can be shared by different RCBS instances running in parallel. For multi-threaded RCBS, the download tasks and the post-processing tasks can be carried out by multiple threads within the RCBS process.

Resolved Issues

  • Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) now supports the minDate configuration parameter, which allows specifying the minAge with an absolute date instead of an offset value. (GIR-6834)
  • RCBS now supports disabling the download of the screen recording files through the configuration parameter. (GIR-6467)
  • RCBS no longer exports originalMediaDescriptor as part of the metadata export fields. (GIR-6008)

July 14, 2016 (

What's New

Resolved Issues

  • Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) now supports the shardBy parameter to resolve deep pagination. This parameter allows the user to instruct RCBS to query recordings during a smaller period of time, using a minAge and maxAge range. The default value is "1" (day). Previously, if a user specified an exceptionally long range using the minAge and maxAge values, RCBS sent the complete range all at once to RWS, causing RWS to occasionally time out and return an empty result due to an Elasticsearch deep pagination issue. (GIR-6429)

March 1, 2016 (

What's New

  • Support for muxed screen backup.

October 2, 2015 (

What's New

  • This is the initial release of the Recording Cloud Backup Service. The Recording Cloud Backup Service allows you to make a backup copy of your Genesys Interaction Recording voice files (some or all) prior to their automated deletion as per the Cloud retention policy.

Known Issues

  • If you are using Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) version, you must roll back to version RCBS version will send incorrect queries to RWS and will receive 400 errors when downloading recordings. (GIR-26684)
  • If RCBS receives a 403 HTTP status code, an error that states that your credentials are incorrect is added to the logs. This may occur even when your credentials are valid, so logs should be examined to determine the actual error. (GIR-25958)
  • RCBS might terminate unexpectedly if the connection between the RCBS and RWS is broken while RCBS is waiting for the HTTP response. (GIR-6683)
  • If you are using RCBS or a later version, you must set the downloadMode parameter to single. This is required to avoid a known issue that caused undecryptable recordings in the downloaded files. (GIR-25719)
  • If RWS has CSRF enabled, the RCBS might not handle the CSRF token properly and the request might fail. (GIR-6542)
    Disable the CSRF on the RWS side.
  • If awsRecordingPrefix and bucket are configured under the Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) section, but the media file is stored under WebDAV, RCBS will attempt to download the files from Amazon S3 and a 404 error will occur in the logs. Currently, RCBS only supports downloading via Amazon S3. (GIR-4843)
    Remove the awsRecordingPrefix and bucket configuration values. This parameter no longer needs to be specified for RCBS and higher.
  • When the Recording Cloud Backup Service's (RCBS) Web Services and Applications credential is from an EService agent, running RCBS may cause the status of the specific agent to remain Ready, even if the agent has already logged out of the agent desktop. (GIR-4781)
    To create a Contact Center Administrator credential for RCBS, do not assign the specific agent a default place and do not add him to the EService agent group.
  • Genesys Web Services rejects the server settings group configuration values for the Recording Backup Cloud Service exceeding 256 characters. (GIR-3137)
    Specify the configuration parameter in the config.properties file instead of using the server settings group.
  • When specifying a path name for the Recording Cloud Backup Service component in the configuration, use a forward-slash ("/") as the path delimiter for both Windows and Linux OS-es, since the single backslash ("\") is stripped off by the Java property reader. For example, use 'C:/TargetFolder instead of C:\TargetFolder when specifying the targetDir configuration value. Alternatively, a double backslash ("\\") will work on Windows also—for example, C:\\TargetFolder. (GIR-2925)
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