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Providing a User Interface for Users with Visual Impairment

Contact Center Advisor, Workforce Advisor, and Frontline Advisor support JAWS Standard software, so you can provide an accessibility interface for users with visual impairment. JAWS software provides audio and a series of keyboard shortcuts for navigating the tabulated information on the screen. If you have users in your enterprise who require this type of user interface, you must ensure those users have Internet Explorer 6 or higher (Genesys recommends that you use Internet Explorer 8) to use the JAWS functionality.

The CCAdv login page URL uses the following format:

The WA login page URL uses the following format:

The FA login page URL uses the following format:

See Release Notes specific to your Advisors software release for the list of supported languages—not all languages are supported in all releases.

The server and port variables relate to the server or servers on which you have installed FA, CCAdv, and WA accessibility services respectively. Users specify their language preference as part of the URL; again, no additional configuration is required to provide language options.

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