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Genesys Pulse Advisors Migration Guide

Welcome to the Genesys Pulse Advisors Migration Guide. This document provides information for migration to Performance ManagementAdvisors/Pulse Advisors releases 8.0 and later. The document also provides a summary of the features and functionality introduced in each generally-available release of Advisors software.

Starting with release 9.0, the name of the Performance Management Advisors family of products changes to Pulse Advisors. In this document, references to the product suite continue to use Performance Management Advisors when discussing software release 8.5.2 and older releases. In this document, any reference made to an Advisors document that is specific to Advisors release 8.5.2 or earlier, or to a document that was discontinued before release 9.0, continues to use the Performance Management Advisors product name in the document title. Other, more general references use the new product name in document titles.

This document is intended for users who are familiar with Advisors deployment procedures. For information about deployment procedures, see the Genesys Pulse Advisors Deployment Guide.

For migration information about other Genesys products, see the Genesys Migration Guide.

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