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Preparing for Advisors Migration

Genesys strongly recommends that anyone considering migration of the Pulse Advisors applications should engage Genesys Professional Services for the task.

Starting with release 9.0, the name of the Performance Management Advisors family of products changes to Pulse Advisors. In this document, references to the product suite continue to use Performance Management Advisors when discussing software release 8.5.2 and older releases. In this document, any reference made to an Advisors document that is specific to Advisors release 8.5.2 or earlier, or to a document that was discontinued before release 9.0, continues to use the Performance Management Advisors product name in the document title. Other, more general references use the new product name in document titles.

Use the information on this page to help you prepare for migration of the Advisors components to a new release. To ensure you are prepared for migration, it is important to review the migration procedures before you begin the actual migration work. On this page, there is a list of recommended reading material, as well as important reminders and recommendations.


Reminders and Recommendations

  • Ensure you have a backup of your current Advisors components and all associated configuration before migration.
  • If you install Advisors components on Linux machines, be aware that there are additional security concerns related to Advisors installation. The Advisors installation wizards are graphical installers. To run these installers as they were intended, you require the X Windows System on your Linux machines.
    Without the X Windows System, passwords that you enter during the installation process display in plain text; therefore, during installation, Genesys recommends that you take extra precautions to ensure that only users with the correct security permissions are allowed to view the screen where you are running the Advisors installers.
  • You must migrate Advisors database schemas incrementally. For example, you cannot migrate directly from release 8.0 to 8.1.2. To migrate from release 8.0 to 8.1.2, you would:
    1. Migrate from release 8.0 to release 8.1.0.
    2. Migrate from release 8.1.0 to release 8.1.1.
    3. Migrate from release 8.1.1 to release 8.1.2.
    Your installation package contains the migration scripts and tools you require. Run the migration scripts in sequential order. You must manually run each migration script; it is not automated. If you use Oracle databases, you can use SQL*Plus or SQL Developer. If you use Microsoft SQL Server, you can use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, or the application of your choice, to run the scripts.
    After you run a migration script, and if there are no errors, then start the next script, if more than one is required. Always check the Release Notes, as well as any text files that might be included in the sql folder of your Platform Installation Package, for any additional instructions about running the scripts for each release.
  • Ensure you successfully complete the Advisors migration of all components before configuring or enabling any new feature.
  • Privileges associated with Role-Based Access Control for Advisors, introduced in Release 8.1.2, are not defined in any existing Advisors role in the Configuration Server settings. If you are migrating from Advisors Release 8.1.1, an administrative user must update existing roles, or create new roles, and add the privileges to allow the described access or activity.
  • Beginning in Release 8.1.3, additional privileges for role-based access control are introduced. When migrating to Release 8.1.3, the new privileges are not defined in any existing Advisors role in the Configuration Server settings. After successful migration to Release 8.1.3, an administrative user must update existing roles or create new roles and add the privilege to allow the relevant access or activity. In addition, for subsequent releases, be sure to check the lists of new features by release, available in this guide, for privileges introduced in releases later than release 8.1.3. Advisors RBAC privileges are also listed in the Pulse Advisors Deployment Guide; make sure that you are using the version of the Deployment Guide that is specific to your 3-digit release.
  • Beginning in Release 8.1.5, the AGA configuration database is not required because the data moves to Advisors Platform and Genesys Configuration Server. Ensure you understand the changes before migrating. See Object Migration Wizard in this document, and review the Data Manager information in the Pulse Advisors Deployment Guide.
  • The FA database objects moved to the Platform database in Release 8.5.0. An option to transfer the FA database to the Platform database is included in the Object Migration Wizard in Release 8.5.0 to assist you with the transition. See Migrating the Advisors Applications – 8.5 Releases and Object Migration Wizard in this guide.
  • Starting with release 8.5.2, you configure Stat Servers as connections to the Advisors Genesys Adapter (AGA) Application object in the Genesys Configuration Server. If you have Advisors release 8.5.1 deployed in your enterprise, then you can use the migration wizard to export the existing Stat Server configuration from the Advisors Platform database to the Configuration Server in order to add the connections to the AGA Application object. See Migrating Stat Server–Adapter Relationships from the Platform Database to Configuration Server for more information.
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