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Pulse Advisors Migration Procedure – 8.1 Releases



  • Ensure that you have a backup of your current Advisors components and all associated configuration before migration. In particular, you must back up the Platform database. Genesys strongly recommends that you also back up the Metric Graphing database and the Advisors Genesys Adapter metrics database. Before proceeding with the migration procedure, ensure that your backup databases can be restored.


  1. Ensure that all the external prerequisites are in place (see Supporting Software Components).

  2. Upgrade your database software, if required.

  3. Uninstall the previous version of each application from the server.


    The previous installation must be completely removed by deleting or renaming its installation directory.

    Genesys recommends that you uninstall the Windows services for the Advisors CCAdv XML Generator and Advisors Suite Server (that is, the Platform Server) before you rename or delete the installation directory. Uninstalling the Windows services requires files that are in the installation directories you are going to delete or rename.

    If the migration fails and you must roll back to the previous version, changing the directory name to the original name suffices.
  4. Migrate the databases.

    It is very important to migrate the databases in the order listed here.

    • To migrate users held in the 3.3, 8.0, or 8.1.0 Advisors database to the Genesys Configuration Server, run the User Migration Utility before migrating the Platform database. If you run the User Migration Utility to move users to the Configuration Server as part of a general migration to Release 8.1.2, it is not necessary to run it again as part of a migration from Release 8.1.2 to Release 8.1.3. If you have new users, simply add them to Configuration Server either before or after the successful migration to Release 8.1.3.
    • To migrate configuration objects held in Advisors databases in releases prior to 8.1.2 to the Genesys Configuration Server, run the Advisors Object Migration Wizard. Genesys recommends that you run the Object Migration Wizard to migrate metrics after executing the last FA migration database script.
    1. Migrate the AGA metrics databases (not required for migration to release 8.1.5). The AGA metrics database must be migrated before any other.

      Starting in Release 8.1.5, source metric definitions and statistics templates that were previously stored in the AGA database move to Advisors Platform tables. Configured objects and filters that were previously stored in the AGA database move to Genesys Configuration Server.

      If you are migrating from Advisors release 8.1.4 to release 8.1.5, you must use the release 8.1.5 metrics database creation script to recreate the AGA metrics schema (you do not run a migration script):

      1. Delete the AGA metrics database(s):

        • MSSQL:
          DROP DATABASE <metrics_database_name>
        • ORACLE:
          DROP USER <metrics_database_user> CASCADE
      2. Recreate the AGA metrics database(s) using the 8.1.5 database schema script:

        • MSSQL:
        • Oracle:
      3. If you use Oracle, you must grant access privileges to the Platform database user account (the Advisors User account) to access the new AGA metrics database(s).

      4. If the new AGA metrics database has a name that is different from the previous database, ensure you change the name in the LINKED_SERVER column of the Advisors Platform ICM_DATABASE table.

    2. Migrate the Platform database.

      If supplied in your installation package, the platform post-install script should not be executed immediately after you apply the migration script. If the migration script issues a recommendation to apply the post-installation script, apply it after you have installed all components. See Step 9.

    3. Migrate the AGA configuration databases (not required for migration to release 8.1.5).

      The AGA configuration database is not required in Release 8.1.5 because the data moves to Advisors Platform and Genesys Configuration Server. However, you must maintain the AGA configuration database from previous releases until you complete all migration work for Release 8.1.5. After a successful upgrade to Release 8.1.5, you can delete the AGA configuration database.

    4. If you deploy Advisors Frontline Advisor, migrate the Frontline Advisor database.

      Thresholds and rules that use overrides, and were configured prior to 8.1, cannot be migrated to 8.1.1. The FA database generates errors to the log file when using the 8.1 to 8.1.1 migration script to migrate the FA database. Immediately before you run the 8.1 to 8.1.1 migration script for the FA database (fa-database-migration-8.1-to-8.1.1.sql), execute the following queries to remove threshold and rule overrides and to allow creation of the indexes:
      • DELETE FROM FA_Violations
      • DELETE FROM FA_Thresholds WHERE IsGlobal = 0
      • DELETE FROM FA_Rules WHERE IsGlobal = 0
    5. Migrate the Advisors Cisco Adapter database if you use FA with a Cisco source.

    6. Migrate the Metric Graphing database if you use CCAdv/WA.

      The script for the Metric Graphing database is included in the CCAdv/WA installation package (IP). Unlike other Advisors components, there is no script for the Metric Graphing database that includes the word “migration” or “migrate” in the filename; you use the Metric Graphing script that is included in the IP for both new installations and for migration.

  5. Install the Platform service (Geronimo).

  6. Install the core service for the Adapter(s) you have installed.

    If you are installing Release 8.1.5, migrate source metric definitions templates, statistics templates, and configured objects and filters from the AGA database to the Platform database and to Genesys Configuration Server using the Advisors Object Migration Wizard before you install the AGA core service.

    To install an Adapter core service, run the installation .jar file for the release to which you are migrating and ensure the option to install the service is selected as part of the server installation. For detailed information, see the Performance Management Advisors 8.1 Deployment Guide.

  7. Optionally, install Contact Center Advisor, Workforce Advisor, CCAdv XML Generator, Resource Management, and Frontline Advisor.

    • Resource Management is not available in a Cisco-only configuration.
    • XML Generator is required only for Contact Center Advisor to function. XML Generator is not used in the WA application, although XML Generator must run at least one cycle immediately after you install it. This is necessary to generate a set of views used by CCAdv and WA to access metrics data sources. XML Generator also loads metadata during this cycle: names of switches, applications, agent groups, and the relationships among them, which are subsequently used in CCAdv and WA configuration.
    • If you install a new version of Contact Center Advisor in an environment that uses Contact Center Advisor–Mobile Edition, first uninstall Mobile Edition, install the new Contact Center Advisor software, and then re-install Mobile Edition software. Starting in Release 8.1.5, CCAdv–ME does not have a standalone installation file; it is an optional module included in the CCAdv installation file.
  8. Make any additional configuration changes required. For example, if you changed memory allocations in your original Advisors installation, you must reconfigure those settings after migration. The settings revert to default values when you re-install the Advisors suite during a migration.

    For detailed information, see relevant component chapters in the Performance Management Advisors 8.1 Deployment Guide. If you use Contact Center Advisor–Mobile Edition with a release earlier than 8.1.5, see Performance Management Advisors Contact Center Advisor–Mobile Edition Deployment Guide.

  9. Apply the post-installation script, if required; apply the script only if the Platform migration script issued such a recommendation. The purpose of the post-installation script is to re-map existing object filters to the new filter IDs that are stored in the Genesys Configuration Server starting in release 8.1.5.

    If you must apply the post-installation script, first ensure that you have completed the CCAdv/WA and AGA (for CCAdv) installation. Start all related services and wait for a successful run of several cycles with AGA delivering data. Once this is complete, stop the services and apply the Platform post-installation script that is supplied in the installation package. Repeat this procedure, if necessary.

  10. After you have confirmed a successful upgrade to release 8.1.5, you can delete the AGA configuration database.

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