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Advisors Migration Utilities

There are two Advisors migration utilities:

When to run the migration utilities

In general, you run the migration utilities, as required, after you have migrated your databases. If there are specific requirements for use of the migration utilities, those requirements are included in the migration procedures in this chapter (see Migrating the Advisors Applications – 8.1 Releases and Migrating the Advisors Applications – 8.5 Releases.

The User Migration Utility is used only when moving to release 8.1.1; the utility moves the Advisors users from the Advisors Platform database to the Genesys Configuration Server.

The Advisors Object Migration wizard can migrate objects and metrics; you choose options in the wizard to migrate objects of your choice. You use the Object Migration wizard only when migrating to release 8.1.2 or later. The options available to you in the wizard differ by release; the data that the wizard can move from Advisors Platform to Configuration Server is release-dependent.

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