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Installing Stat Server Java Extensions

Starting with release 9.0, Advisors Genesys Adapter (AGA) supports additional Stat Server Java extensions. Prior to release 9.0, AGA supported the MCR (eServices) extensions only.

Starting with release 9.0, you can create custom metrics using other Stat Server extensions such as Outbound Contact Java Extension (OCCStatExtension) and Orchestration Server Extension (ORSStatExtension). For example, you can create Calling List custom metrics based on the Stat Server Outbound Contact Java Extension.

The eServices extensions are required for the default Interaction queue metrics. If you will create custom metrics that need the OCC and ORS extensions, then you must deploy the corresponding Stat Server extensions on your Advisors Stat Servers.

Use the following procedure to deploy the extensions. For additional information, also see Installing a Stat Server Application and Java Sections in the Stat Server Deployment Guide.



  1. Install Stat Server.
  2. Install the extension package(s) that you plan to use with Advisors.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Java Sections page in the Stat Server Deployment Guide to install the Java extensions.
  4. If you have installed the eServices extensions, then Genesys recommends that you also perform the following steps:
    • Ensure that the Stat Server has a connection to the Interaction Server. Double-click the Stat Server application, and add this connection on the Connections tab if it is not already present.
    • Ensure that the corresponding connection from the Interaction Server back to the Stat Server is also present. Double-click the Interaction Server Application, and add the connection on the Connections tab if it is not already present.
    • Restart both the Interaction Server and the Stat Server.
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