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AGA Configuration Parameters

This page contains information about the Advisors Genesys Adapter (AGA) configuration properties file (inf_genesys_adapter.properties). Use this information to help you to edit the AGA configuration.

Parameter Description
informiam.genesys_connector.transformer.CCAdv.CCAdvChannel = 10 Frequency of the transformer upload task for CCAdv.

If the transformer upload task has not finished before the next scheduled one, the subsequently scheduled task waits in a queue.

informiam.genesys_connector.ObjectChangeStatRequest.frequency = 60 Frequency for requesting incremental statistics for the selected object changes (in seconds).

This property determines the interval at which the Genesys Adapter will handle changes to agent groups such as the addition or removal of agents.

Reducing this value enables the adapter to handle those changes immediately and send updates for the Advisors dashboard.

Increasing this value enables the adapter to batch the changes and request any additional statistics for the agents added.

informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.maxOpenReqsPerGroup = 1000

informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.interGroupDelay = 1

Statistics open request grouping.

This property controls the maximum number of statistic open requests that will be sent to the Stat Server consecutively with no pause, as well as the pause delay (in seconds) when that many number of statistics are requested.

Reducing this value ensures that the Stat Servers are not overloaded with large number of requests.

Increasing this value enables quicker processing of the statistics and therefore shorter startup/restart/overnight refresh times.

informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.allowredistributestats = false Allow redistribution to other Stat Servers.

This property allows redistribution of statistics between multiple Stat Servers when more than one Stat Server pair is configured. The purpose of this flag is to allow another available Stat Server pair to support the statistics, when the Genesys Adapter can not re-establish a connection to a given Stat Server pair.

If connection to both the primary Stat Server and the backup Stat Server are not available during the runtime, the Genesys Adapter receives a connection close event after the ADDP timeout. The Genesys Adapter then tries to re-establish a connection to the same pair for a number of times as configured by the following parameters:

  • informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.reconnect.attempts
  • informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.reconnect.attempt-interval

If the adapter cannot re-establish the connection before the expiry of the reconnect period, redistribution of the statistics is attempted.

This functionality is disabled by default. If the statistics requested with one Stat Server pair are distributed to another Stat Server pair it could result in overloading of the other Stat Server pair.

This property can be set to true for small customers where the total number of statistics requested is small or where the amount of statistics redistributed is small and will not result in overloading of the Stat Servers.


ToOpen = 20

Time in seconds to wait on Stat Server connection to open before sending statistics requests to all opened Stat Server connections.

This property controls how long the adapter waits for the connection to Stat Server to be established before distributing the request more widely. On start, if it is taking longer to establish connections to the configured Stat Servers, consider increasing this time limit. Waiting a longer time before establishing connection to all Stat Servers ensures more equal distribution of the statistics to the configured Stat Servers.

genesys_connector.default_time_profile.oneday = Default,Growing

Specify the time profile to use in the statistics requests.

Starting with Advisors release 8.5.101, you can specify the time at which each Advisors Stat Server is to reset the daily statistics by configuring the One day/Growing TimeProfiles options in the Stat Servers.

Ensure you configure the AGA parameter to match the time profile specified on the Stat Server from which AGA is requesting statistics.

See Configure the Daily Reset Time for Statistics on a Stat Server for more information.

informiam.genesys_connector.configServer.reconnect.attempts = 5

informiam.genesys_connector.configServer.reconnect.attempt-interval = 30

Indicates the number of reconnect attempts to the Configuration Server before trying to connect to the backup Configuration Server in the case of the connection dropping and the interval between the reconnect attempts (in seconds).

This is in addition to – and after – the ADDP time out, if configured.

informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.reconnect.attempts = 3

informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.reconnect.attempt-interval = 10

Indicates the number of reconnect attempts to the Stat Server before trying to connect to the backup server in the case of the connection dropping and the interval between the reconnect attempts (in seconds).

This is in addition to – and after – the ADDP timeout, if configured

informiam.genesys_connector.api.port = The port of communication between CCAdv and the Genesys Adapter and between FA and the Genesys Adapter.
informiam.genesys_connector.waitForStatOpenEventsTimeout = 600 Process timeout values, in seconds.

This property controls how long the Genesys Adapter waits for a response from the Stat Servers after requesting to open the statistic requests. If there is a slow response from the Stat Server, or if there are too many objects configured, consider increasing this timeout.

informiam.genesys_connector.numOfMaxStatRerequestTimes = 3 Number of times the connector will attempt to re-request statistics.

When there is an error in the process of requesting the statistics, this property determines the number of times the adapter should try and re-request all the statistics, to clear away any runtime issues. If the issue is with the configuration of statistics, it is not likely to be cleared by re-requesting of the statistics.

informiam.genesys_connector.configServer.addp.turnon = true

informiam.genesys_connector.configServer.addp.tracemode =
informiam.genesys_connector.configServer.addp.servertimeout = 300
informiam.genesys_connector.configServer.addp.clienttimeout = 120
informiam.genesys_connector.configServer.protocol.request.timeout = 180

ADDP Settings to be used with the Configuration Server connection.
informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.addp.turnon = true

informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.addp.tracemode =
informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.addp.servertimeout = 300
informiam.genesys_connector.statServer.addp.clienttimeout = 120

ADDP Settings to be used with the Stat Server connections.
informiam.genesys_connector.transformerjob.pausechecklimit = 25000

informiam.genesys_connector.statsissue.pausechecklimit = 5000

Pause parameters that check against the queue of the incoming Stat Server messages.

When statistics are requested, in order to avoid the JVM being overwhelmed by processing of the incoming messages from the Stat Server, the above check limits are prescribed. This enables the adapter to pause the writing of updates to the metrics database and any further processing of requests of more statistics. Once the number of statistics waiting to be processed goes below the configured limits, the paused jobs are resumed.

In environments where sufficient runtime memory is not available, consider setting these limits to a smaller value.

Setting a very small value could lead to delay in sending the updates to the Advisors dashboard.

informiam.genesys_connector.psdk.server.fileEncoding = windows-1252 File encoding to be used with the Configuration Server and the Stat Server connections.

This file encoding property is used in encoding the text that is read from the Configuration Server and sent to the Stat Server in requesting the statistics. Adjustments to this may be needed depending upon the supported language’s character encoding.

genesys_connector.configServer.tls.enabled Enable or disable a TLS connection to the Configuration Server (applicable to both the primary and backup servers if using Configuration Server warm standby configuration).

You can set the flag to true post-installation if you require a TLS connection to the Configuration Server, but did not enable the TLS connection when deploying Advisors Genesys Adapter (AGA). The genesys_connector.configServer.tls.enabled property is the only property that AGA recognizes to enable or disable a TLS connection to Configuration Server. TLS is configured and enabled completely inside Advisors, unlike other applications whose TLS configuration can be stored in a Configuration Server Application object. A setting to disable or enable TLS (tls=0 or tls=1) in the TLS properties file that you prepare is also ignored.

genesys_connector.configServer.tls.port Identify the Configuration Server port number for establishing a TLS connection from AGA.

If you enable a TLS connection, the TLS port number is used for both the primary and backup Configuration Servers, where both are configured. The port number for an unsecured connection, if configured, is ignored. The primary and backup Configuration Servers must use the same TLS port number.

genesys_connector.configServer.tlsproperties.file When using a TLS connection to the Configuration Server, specify the location of the TLS properties file that you prepared.

The TLS properties file contains all the properties required to connect successfully using TLS, as well as any other optional TLS attributes that you use. If you use a backup Configuration Server, the TLS properties for the primary server are also used for the backup server.

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