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Default Value: circular
Valid Values: circular, linear
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Added in: 8.5.107
Strategy for ORS added to the Connections tab of the GMS application.


Default Value: true since 8.5.107; false previously
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Enables GMS to send request to the /hearbeat URI of ORS to check availability.


Default Value: 3600
Valid Values: Any integer
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Added in: 8.5.107
Maximum idle time (seconds) for an ORS connection before this connection will be deleted from the load-balancer cache.


Default Value: 3
Valid Values: Any integer > 0
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Maximum number of attempts for an ORS request. If max_ors_request_attempts = 2, GMS uses the first ORS URL found in the list of connected ORS (in circular or linear mode) and tries to send the request to ORS. If the first request fails, GMS uses the second URL (if available) and tries again; if it fails a second time, the maximum number of attempts is reached and GMS returns an error: ORS request failed: cannot connect to ORS.


Default Value: 45000
Valid Values: Integer>=30000
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Refresh rate of the ORS Load balancer in milliseconds. This option value must be greater than or equal to 30,000 (30 seconds). By default, all ORS URL values are checked every 45 seconds.

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