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business-attributes Section

This section defines the mapping between Context Services and the Business Attributes configured in the Genesys Configuration Server. The Business Attribute values are defined in the Tenant.

If your application is multi-tenant, you should define a business-attributes.<tenantId> section per tenant.



Default Value: false
Valid Values: String
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Set to true to return the Names of Business Attribute Values instead of DB IDs in the responses for GET operations; false (default) to return the DB IDs of Business Attribute Values in the responses for GET operations.


Default Value:
Valid Values:
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Associates a Business Attribute key with the name of the Business Attribute configured in the proper tenant.

  • Possible resource name values are:
    • Service
    • State
    • Task
  • Possible field name values to map are:
    • type (for service type)
    • disposition
    • application_type
    • resource_type
    • media_type
  • Such as, for instance: Service.service_type, Task.disposition, State.media_type.
  • If there is no configuration for a given field, Context Services automatically allows any valid integer value for this field. In this case, your application is responsible for the value's validity.
  • A Business Attribute can be mapped to several resource fields. For instance, the Service.media_type and Task.media_type string can both point to the "MediaType" Business Attributes.

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