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Reporting Section



Default Value:
Valid Values: string
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

DN to which the reporting user event is sent. If _rep_userevent_enable is set to true, a value for this parameter is required.


Default Value: false
Valid Values: boolean
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

If set to true, the callback data is reported via user events to the switch and the specified DN (_rep_userevent_switch and _rep_userevent_dn).

This option is mandatory.


Default Value: 0
Valid Values: integer
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Media type for the reporting user event generated from callback application. Accepts an integer value (ENUM) as per TLib specification for Media Types. Required when _rep_userevent_enable is set to true.

This is an advanced parameter. To modify the value of an advanced parameter, you must enable Advanced Parameters in the Service Management UI.


Default Value:
Valid Values: string
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Switch to which the DN _rep_userevent_dn belongs. Required if _rep_userevent_enable is set to true.

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