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Genesys Mobile Engagement Configuration Options

Welcome to the Options Reference for Genesys Mobile Services. This document describes the configuration options for the following components of Genesys Mobile Services:

GMS Application Configuration

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
business-attributes map-names false Immediately
business-attributes resourcename.fieldname Immediately
callback callback_column_alias No default value Immediately
callback filter-keys _callback_state,_callback_reason,_request_queue_time_stat,_request_ewt_service,_vq Immediately
callback log-background-activity false Immediately
callback max_queued_callbacks_per_service 1000 Immediately
callback queue-polling-rate 60 Immediately
callback queue-polling-rate-recover 3600 Immediately
callback returned-keys _desired_time,_callback_state,_callback_state,_callback_reason,_ors_session_id Immediately
callback _enable_in_queue_checking true Immediately
callback _enable_throttle_header_parameters true Immediately
callback _throttle_callbacks_per_service_1 500 Immediately
callback _throttle_callbacks_per_service_2 1000 Immediately
callback _throttle_customer_number_limit 6 Immediately
callback _throttle_request_parameters _customer_number Immediately
callback _throttle_request_parameters_limit 8 Immediately
callback _throttle_ttl_1 300 Immediately
callback _throttle_ttl_2 3600 Immediately
cassandra cassandra-schema-delay 300 After restart
cassandra create-embedded-server true After restart
cassandra create-schema true After restart
cassandra create-tables false After restart
cassandra keyspace-prefix No default value After restart
cassandra native-port 9042 After restart
cassandra nodes No default value After restart
cassandra port 0 After restart
cassandra reconnect-policy EXIT After restart
cassandra secured false After restart
cassandra strategy-class SimpleStrategy After restart
cassandra strategy-option replication_factor:4 After restart
cassandra-authentication-security password No default value After restart
cassandra-authentication-security username No default value After restart
chat chat_400_response_on_disconnected false Immediately
chat chat_load_balancer_url_path /WebAPI812/SimpleSamples812/ChatHA/ChatLBServerInfo.jsp Immediately upon notification.
chat chat_refresh_rate 2000 After restart
chat chat_session_request_timeout 30000 Immediately upon notification.
chat default_chat_endpoint Environment:default Immediately upon notification.
chat enable-fast-chat-transcript-refresh false Immediately
chat ixn_server_submit_queue Chat In Immediately upon notification.
chat _client_timeout 900 After restart
chat.service-name disable_authentication true Immediately
chat.service-name enable_notification_hybrid_mode false Immediately
chat.service-name enable_notification_mode false After restart
chat.service-name endpoint Environment:default Immediately
chat.service-name escape_html false Immediately
chat.service-name max_message_size No default value Immediately
chat.service-name password Empty string Immediately
chat.service-name push_notification_include_payload false Immediately
chat.service-name push_notification_to_active_client true After restart
chat.service-name typing_preview false Immediately
chat.service-name username Empty string Immediately
commons-connection string-attributes-encoding UTF-8 After restart
config admin_client_app_name default After restart
config load-Agent noload After restart
config load-CallingList noload After restart
config load-Campaign noload After restart
config load-CampaignCallingList noload After restart
config load-CampaignGroup noload After restart
config load-GroupAgents noload After restart
config load-GroupPlaces noload After restart
config load-GroupQueues noload After restart
config load-Place noload After restart
config load-Queue noload After restart
config load-RegDN noload After restart
config load-RoutePoint startupload After restart
config load-RoutingStrategy noload After restart
config load-StagingArea noload After restart
config load-Switch noload After restart
config load-VirtualQueue noload After restart
config load-VirtualRoutingPoint noload After restart
config load-Workbins noload After restart
cview allow-custom-ids false Immediately
cview auto-complete-after No default value Immediately
cview auto-complete-enabled false Immediately
cview auto-complete-organizations "" Immediately
cview data-validation false Immediately
cview enabled false Immediately
cview expiration 5y Immediately
cview use-role false Immediately
elasticsearch allowedServiceTypes '"*" Immediately
elasticsearch enabled false Immediately
elasticsearch server No default value Immediately
elasticsearch urlPattern
email.service-name disable_authentication true Immediately
email.service-name endpoint Environment:default Immediately
email.service-name file_types pdf,doc,txt,jpg,png,gif,bmp,zip Immediately
email.service-name mailbox Empty string Immediately
email.service-name max_files 10 Immediately
email.service-name max_size 3145728 Immediately
email.service-name password Empty string Immediately
email.service-name username Empty string Immediately
features disable-additional-columns-from-callbacks false Immediately
features disable-bulk-cancel-and-export-callback false Immediately
features enable-config false Immediately
features enable-contextual-help false Immediately
features enable-downloaddfm false Immediately
features enable-logger false Immediately
features enable-logger-error false Immediately
features enable-metrics false Immediately
features enable-patterns false Immediately
features enable-resources false Immediately
features enable-sample false Immediately
gms disable-upload-content-parsing false Immediately
gms http.client_port_range Assigned by the system Immediately
gms http.connection_timeout 10 Immediately
gms http.max_connections_per_route 20 Immediately
gms http.max_connections_total 100 Immediately
gms http.proxy-auto-config-file No default value Immediately
gms http.proxy-cache-size 32 Immediately
gms http.proxy-ttl 5 Immediately
gms http.socket_timeout 10 Immediately
gms http.ssl_trust_all false Immediately
gms http.use_lax_redirect_strategy true Immediately
lab disable-additional-columns-from-callbacks false Immediately
lab disable-bulk-cancel-and-export-callback false Immediately
lab enable-bulk-cancel-and-export-callback false Immediately
log all Immediately.
log buffering false Immediately.
log CallbackService false Immediately
log ChatService false Immediately
log ClusterService false Immediately
log consistency-errors-suppress false Immediately
log CoreService false Immediately
log DataDepotService false Immediately
log debug stdout Immediately.
log DistributedJobExecutor false Immediately
log DistributedJobQueue false Immediately
log expire 20 Immediately.
log NotificationService false Immediately
log OrsService false Immediately
log segment 10000 Immediately.
log ServicesService false Immediately
log SharedService false Immediately
log standard stdout Immediately.
log StatisticService false Immediately
log StorageService false Immediately
log SubscriptionService false Immediately
log trace stdout Immediately.
log UrsService false Immediately
log verbose standard Immediately.
notification unsubscribe-delay 0 Immediately
openmedia.service-name allow_overwrite false Immediately
openmedia.service-name endpoint Environment:Default Immediately
openmedia.service-name interaction_subtype No default value Immediately
openmedia.service-name interaction_type No default value Immediately
openmedia.service-name media_type No default value Immediately
ors enable_ors_loadbalancer true since 8.5.107; false previously After restart
ors healthcheck-ping-interval 45000 After restart
ors healthcheck-ping-url /heartbeat After restart
ors max_ors_idle_connection_time 3600 After restart
ors max_ors_request_attempts 3 Immediately
ors ors_loadbalancer_refresh_rate 45000 After restart
ors _ors_lb_strategy circular After restart
profiler enable false Immediately
profiler logged-classes Empty string Immediately
profiler stored-classes Empty string Immediately
pulse enabled false Immediately
pulse password No default value Immediately
pulse servers Immediately
pulse user No default value Immediately
pulse version 2 Immediately
push android.collapseKey After restart.
push android.delayWhileIdle false After restart.
push android.gcm.apiKey After restart.
push android.gcm.retryNumber 2 After restart.
push android.senderAccountType After restart.
push android.senderEmail @gmail.com After restart.
push android.senderPassword After restart.
push android.source After restart.
push android.ssl_trust_all false After restart.
push android.unavailability_retry_timeout 120 After restart.
push apple.alert No default value After restart
push apple.alertMessage.action-loc-key After restart
push apple.alertMessage.body After restart.
push apple.alertMessage.launch-image After restart
push apple.alertMessage.loc-argnames After restart
push apple.alertMessage.loc-key After restart
push apple.badge 0 After restart.
push apple.content-available After restart
push apple.keystore After restart.
push apple.keystorePassword After restart.
push apple.sound After restart.
push apple.title Empty string After restart.
push apple.topicName No default value After restart
push customhttp.url After restart
push debug.apple.keystore No default value After restart
push debug.apple.keystorePassword No default value After restart
push debug.fcm.apiKey No default value After restart
push defaultSubscriptionExpiration After restart
push fcm.apiKey No default value After restart
push fcm.body No default value After restart
push fcm.title No default value After restart
push filtering_chat_events Notice.TypingStarted,Notice.TypingStopped After restart
push httpcb.connection_max_connections_per_route 20 After restart.
push httpcb.connection_timeout 5 After restart.
push httpcb.max_connections_total 200 After restart.
push localizationFileLocation After restart.
push pushEnabled comet After restart.
push wns.clientSecret After restart
push wns.notificationType After restart
push wns.sid
push wns.xmlTemplate After restart
reporting enable_urs_loadbalancer false Immediately
reporting max_urs_idle_connection_time 3600 Immediately
reporting max_urs_request_attempts 3 Immediately
reporting startup-statistics Immediately
reporting urs_heatbeat_url /urs/console?x Immediately
reporting urs_loadbalancer_refresh_rate 45000 Immediately
reporting _urs_url Immediately
resources patterns_list_name GMS_Patterns Immediately upon notification.
resources resources_list_name GMS_Resources Immediately upon notification.
resources user_control false Immediately
server access_code_prefix Immediately
server allow-file-control false Immediately
server allowed-mime-types Empty Immediately
server app_name Immediately
server config-fast-loading true After restart
server dateFormat Immediately
server external_url_base Immediately
server gsgadmin_redirect default Immediately
server max-file-upload 5000000 Immediately
server max-sessions 9999 Immediately
server node_id 1
server password No default value Immediately
server realm Genesys Application Configuration Needed. Immediately
server relative_url false Immediately
server username No default value Immediately
server web_host Result of InetAddress.getLocalHost() Immediately
server web_port 80 Immediately
server web_scheme http Immediately
server _ors Immediately
server _ors_lb_strategy circular Immediately
stat.statname filter No default value After restart
stat.statname metric No default value After restart
stat.statname notificationMode No default value After restart
stat.statname objectId No default value After restart
stat.statname objectType No default value After restart
stat.statname tenant No default value After restart
stat.statname tenantPassword No default value After restart
urs _urs_lb_strategy linear After restart
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