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Contact Center Statistics

The list of statistics about the Routing Points, Queues, and other contact-center objects is displayed in the Contact Center Statistics tab of the Main Window. If you are using the Gadget, this information is available from the Contact Center Statistics view. You can also view the contact-center statistics in the Statistics Gadget.

The Contact Center Statistics tab displays statistics that summarize the state of various conditions that are monitored by your call center, such as the percentage of abandoned calls, the average call-waiting time, and the number of interactions that are in queue.

The following columns of information are available for each monitored object:

  • Contact Center Resource—The name or location of the object
  • Description—A description of the call center statistic
  • Value—The value of the contact-center statistic

Click column heads to change the sort order of the objects.

Right-click in the Contact Center Statistics view to display the Statistics menu.

Use the Statistics menu to do the following:

  • Show or hide statistics
  • Show only alerting statistics or show all statistics

Note: Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are displayed in the My Statistics tab.

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